Pairs Hate Cockroaches But Dedicate Albums To Them

Pairs released a new album on November 1st If This Cockroach Doesn’t Die, I Will. … will the cockroach kill them? or will it be suicide because they can’t live with a cockroach? How big is the cockroach?!

The double record was released labeled on Metal Postcards and its available for free listening and purchase on Pairs’ Bandcamp.  If This Cockroach Doesn’t Die, I Will will be out in vinyl format, the launch of the physical edition will be on December… that means I totally forgot about them when I wrote the list of albums that are coming soon to our life. Sorry Pairs, please don’t confuse me with a cockroach!

The band will be playing a lot during the next weeks, Pairs will play in Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan, and we hope they will include more dates around China soon, we are sure their madness should be spread all around our dear Republic.

If This Cockroach Doesn’t Die, I Will was recorded and mixed by Acid Pony Club, those little toxic equinus have set themselves very well on the rock scene during 2012, we salute to their quadruped revolution. And talking about that, and all that is said on the streets around Shanghai, here is “A Surgeon At A Hospital In Shanghai Severed A Nerve In My Groin” from If This Cockroach Doesn’t Die, I Will. Check the lyrics below, it’s a very informative tune, and Buddha knows we are thankful for the written lyrics, it’s not easy to understand Xiao Zhong’s singing.



“A Surgeon At A Hospital In Shanghai Severed A Nerve In My Groin”


I heard that Simon got well settled
I heard that Tracy just got pregnant
I heard that Ash arrived in Beijing
I heard that Shen is heading back too

I heard that God Bows are recording
I heard that Benjii’s getting married
I heard that Sean’s running a festival
Here it comes – Helen took it off now

I heard that Howie’s back in hospital
I heard that Adam’s making t-shirts
I heard that Tom just booked The Smith Street Band
I heard that Luke confirmed his tour

I heard that Rob just moved house
I heard that Daniel’s been writing
I heard that Carol wants a t-shirt
Here it comes – Helen took it off now

I heard that Ian went to Songjiang
I heard that Momo got a pay rise
I heard that Goblin won some poker
I heard that Richard got a transfer

I heard that Milford making plans
I heard that Wooster got in the exhibition
I heard that Tom and Greig got a sponsor
Here it comes – Helen took it off now

I heard that Gigi going back to school
I heard that Tim is doing team building
I heard that Toshi started a new band
I heard that Jake still hates on Word Art

I heard that Matt just made a movie
I heard that Brian booked a show
I heard that Dostav made it back here
Here it comes – Helen took it off now

I heard that Sophia’s doing vinyl
I heard that Vic applied for school
I heard that Achmed works real hard
I heard that Skinny’s on the mend

I heard that Lau Lau had a good night
I heard that F just got a new job
I heard that I just got engaged
Here it comes – Helen took it off now

I heard that Erin beat her manager
I heard that Mum just bought a house
I heard that Morgan’s in a new band
I heard that Bren just met a girl

I heard that Josh is keeping busy
I heard that Luke is leaving China
I heard that Michael is producing
Here it comes – Helen took it off now

I heard that Dennis is on tour
I heard that Roses just passed her course
I heard that Adam and Catlin are on the beach somewhere
I heard that Kidd is still in Wuhan

I heard that Nevin’s fighting the good fight
I heard that Raph and Clem just mixed this shit
I heard that Katri found a great guy
Here it comes – Helen took it off now


Buy and listen to If This Cockroach Doesn’t Die, I Will, and be at the next gigs of Pairs.


Sunday November 25th — Opening for Da Bang at Mao Livehouse Shanghai

Saturday December 1st — Vinyl Launch at XP Beijing

Thursday December 6th — Vinyl Launch at Songjiang Livehouse Shanghai

Friday December 7th — Listening Party at Inferno

Saturday December 8th — Album release with Death To Ponies and Naohai at 696

Sunday December 9th – Afternoon Concert with Battle Cattle and Muted Rainbow at Live Bar

Saturday December 15th — Vinyl Launch at Vox Bar Wuhan



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