Parachutes On Fire, and Adam Crossley’s last jump in China (for now).



Parachutes on Fire, one of the coolest bands I’ve seen in recent times, has just released their first singles, and a fantastic music video. They have been playing various gigs around Shanghai, and they were just in Beijing for a show there last weekend. Now, this coming Sunday they will host what is looking like it could be their last gig (I certainly hope not, but it’s a tough one). The band will loose their guitarist and a main force for their compositions, as Adam Crossley,  a lao laowai of China’s indie music is leaving the country.

Crossley’s first steps into music in China moved very quickly, he first met a colleague who would become his first partner in crime in a band that I saw once playing at a shady bar in Hengshan road. Soon he met Becca Smith of The Dovetail Joints then, Mike Brownell of JZ and Layabozi’s fame, and Zack Smith of no fame at all in China by then, they all formed Break For Borneo a folk band that had a good run around the local indie scene, and certainly woke up a lot of forces in its members. From Break For Borneo, Crossley paired with Zack Smith to form Friend or Foe, a space-punk band (as was classified by Kungfuology’s Andy Best)  that was all chaos and fun, they went through interesting changes, concerts, and tours, and certainly they left a mark in Shanghai’s and China’s indie music history. Friend or Foe ended in 2014, and few months passed until the idea of a new band came across Crossley’s mind.

Parachutes On Fire was conceived by a bunch of friends that found themselves “bandless”, all of them standard bearers of the indie music scene of Shanghai and China, Tom Magnione aka Ho Tom The Conqueror, also member of The Horde, Fabien Barbet of The Rogue Transmission and The Fever Machine, and Dave Hampson of The Illumin8tors, Hotter Than Tepanyaki, and The Beat Bandits. Some few drunk talks passed and finally the idea materialized, in 2015 Parachutes on Fire started to play intimate gigs at Fennel Club, they quickly developed their sound and created a repertoire that now is ready to rock the planet. The band has been playing very cool gigs and quickly are gaining more listeners and fans. Maybe their name was a self prophecy, now that a possible end is near, they are finally doing the jump to become an important local band but their parachutes might not bring them safe to solid ground. But hey, you never know, strangest miracles have happened, the departure of Adam Crossley might not be the end of Parachutes On Fire, and maybe Crossley and co. soon will realize that there’s no better place than …Shanghai.

Okay, so let’s jump into the music that these misters are rocking these days. The four singles were released last week. They are all psychedelic rides, green fresh, and purple sweet. You’ll see. Check them out.

And for the end, check out the video for their fourth single. The video was produced by Mei Wah Crossley, Crossley’s better half, who has already operated as graphic artist for some of Crossley’s previous projects, she is also known for being a devoted barfly around the indie rock spaces of Shanghai.

Be aware, this video might trigger cravings.

[Youtube video]

So about the gig that you must go to this weekend if you like airplanes and adventurous sports. It’s going to be a good one, lots of great bands, and for sure will gather the local jet set of punks and hippies that form the indie rock scene of Shanghai.

Venue: YuyinTang, park included.

Date: Sunday June 5th. Starts at 2pm

Entrance: 50 rmb


2:30-3:30 – Goose

3:30-4:30 Round Eye

4:30 – 5:00 Capoeira Mandinga

5:00 – 6:00 Parachutes on Fire

6:00 – 7:00 Molemen

7:00 – 8:00 Lifeline

8:00 to the end DJ BO

Food will be provided by the Pie Society

Name of the show: Losing My Mind (of which you could ask about to Adam Crossley)



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