Pinch and Dubstep, Rattling Sub-Culture at The Shelter

Dubstep is heavy music, it is deep in bass sounds, with reggae winds smoothing the heaviness of the beats. It sounds like the story of a rasta, who after hours of tripping finds a dark textured cavern, goes in and meets monks playing huge drums that resound solemnly around the interstices formed by the heavy rocks. As the sounds bounce around that cavern late at night, and the monks densely play the thick drum leathers, the vibrations in the cavern mix with the wind from the ocean wooooooo-o-o-o-o-o-hh and hhh-h-h-h-uuuuuhh, and then the rasta begins to phrase some reggae lyrics possessed by nymphs.

Musical neighbors Resident Advisor wrote a great article (Dubstep 101), in which they go over the annals of dubstep history, how the sound evolved and how it crystallized as a genre in 2007. Pinch was there right on time, producing and creating. When people repeatedly insist there’s nothing new in music, well, here you go. Have a dose of dubstep.

Pinch has been exploring sound since before dubstep was named. In 2007 he released his first LP Underwater Dancehall, a double album that became a breakthrough for dubstep in that year; bringing vocals to the genre and increasing the interest of the audience by the attractiveness of his sound. Pinch’s music searches for and then expands horizons; it has a neat sound, and an attractive style. His approach is clean and minimal, to speak in ‘Electronic’. His skills as a DJ have been lauded by audiences from around the world.

Personally, I really enjoy showcasing the art of electronic musicians and DJs. It feels right to draw attention to the art created by these guys, still a point of doubt for many people. It’s impressive that there are still people offended by the idea of calling DJs musicians. To me, they are on the same spot where jazz, rock, punk, and pop once stood. Should we call it the inquisition square maybe? We, people, have an amazing capacity to oppose innovation and change. Well, for all of those who want to develop flexibility and open their minds (and maybe stay youthful): come and listen to some dubstep from one of the pioneers and original designers of this sound. Pinch joins forces with Sub-Culture crew at The Shelter this Saturday, fortunately a place far away from the inquisition square.

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