PK14 China Tour 2013


With the release of 1984, the latest album by PK14 it comes a long tour that will take the band to the four corners of China, including Hong Kong, and a jump to Taipei. Over thirty cities in six weeks, the tour will begin on August 28th in Jinan’s Box Bar, and it will end on October 6th in Shenyang’s Knight Bar. The detailed of the gigs with prices and exact time schedule will be on line soon on our Gig Calendar.


8/28/13 Jinan Box Bar
8/29/13 Qingdao Downtown Bar
8/30/13 Nanjing Castle
8/31/13 Shanghai Mao Livehouse
9/1/13 Wuxi Door Culture
9/2/13 Suzhou Wave Livehouse
9/3/13 Ningbo CMK
9/4/13 Hangzhou Wine clubs
9/6/13 Wuhan Vox Livehouse
9/7/13 Nanchang Iron
9/8/13 Fuzhou Strait Rock
9/9/13 Xiamen Real Live
9/10/13 Zhuhai Live Bar
9/11/13 Shenzhen B10
9/12/13 Taipei The Wall
9/13/13 Hong Kong Hang Out
​​9/14/13 Guangzhou Convex Space
9/16/13 Changsha 4698
9/18/13 Chongqing Nuts Club
9/21/13 Chengdu Bistro
9/23/13 Lanzhou Kwai Livehouse
9/24/13 Xining Brickwall
9/25/13 Yinchuan Brass
9/27/13 Xi’an Aperture Club
9/28/13 Zhengzhou 7 Livehouse
9/29/13 Xinxiang Ark Live House
10/1/13 Beijing Yugongyishan
10/3/13 Dalian Hz
10/4/13 Changchun Youth Music Bar
10/5/13 Harbin Spring Subway Bar
10/6 / 13 Shenyang Knights Bar

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