Record Store Day

This Saturday marks Record Store Day, a celebration born in 2007 by some people (probably record store employees) to celebrate music. You know, music on records. Music on records sold by independent record stores, which is sort of an endangered species in the music world. It’s kind of a big deal with music lovers in the United States, at least among those of us who enjoy vinyl (Iggy Pop’s the ambassador this year, if that gives you some idea). And because Shanghai now has its very own dedicated record store, Record Store Day has turned local.

All the shenanigans will be happening at Uptown Records on Pingwu lu, including in-store performances from local acts Next Year’s Love, Reykjavictim, Pairs, Little Punk, GOOOOSE (Han-Han from Duck Fight Goose’s side project) and Rough Diamonds. If you haven’t been to a show yet at Uptown, it’s a pretty good set up. But something else that’s really cool are the label showcases Uptown will be having on Record Store Day, promoting independent Chinese music labels, like Maybe Mars, Genjing, Tension Music, HotPotMusic, and more. Chances are that if your favorite local or underground band has an album out, it’s going to be on one of these labels. There will be lots of music, t-shirts, clothing, special vinyl releases and other promotional stuff like that. Your typical record store swag.

Of course there will be food, drinks, and lots and lots of records. Entry is totally free, and it’s a great opportunity to check out the store, check out some free shows from super cool local acts, and talk shop with other music lovers and musicians. You don’t have to be into vinyl to enjoy Record Store Day. It’s not exclusive or limited to snooty music collectors who have rows and rows of records in thick plastic sleeves sitting on shelves and gasp in horror when you take one down and actually want to play it (I’m guessing. Not that this have ever happened to me.). It’s just to celebrate music—all types of music—in a cool local shop.


Record Labels

Maybe Mars



天线音乐(Tension Music)


Playful warrior records

HotPotMusic (火锅音乐)



And find more about Record Store Day on its official website.


Uptown Record Store

Address: 115 Pingwu Lu, near Xingfu Lu
Saturday , April 21, 2012
Time: 14:00-20:00

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