Resident Advisor bombs Shanghai with Levon Vincent



How amazing is that Resident Advisor and their Horizons Tour are hitting Shanghai?

With this tour RA wants to explore new scenes outside of the established global club circuit. The most gratifying surprise is that on this tour they are bringing Levon Vincent, one of my favorite artists in the current techno & house scene. I have only good words and great feelings towards Vincent’s music and his selections for DJ sets. Deep and dark house, and deeper elegant techno that hooks me from my bones and soul every time I hear it or I play it in my sets during the last five years

Levon Vincent comes from New York’s scene, lately I’ve found really interesting labels  from NY, such as his own Novel Sound, and Deconstruct Music, or DJ Jus-Ed’s label Underground Quality. This demonstrates that not only in the respected Detroit people knows how to make techno & house, vanguardist and contemporary advanced music.

I have in my bag almost all the releases from Levon Vincent but if I have to recommend only some of them my picks are: Love Technique, These Games EP or Invisible Bichslap EP also I recommend the DJ set he did for the famous Fabric Club (London) “Fabric 63”.

To have an idea about the music Levon Vincent will play this Friday I found for you guys these DJ sets:







This Friday July 13th, we have a date with Levon Vincent at The Shelter accompanied with our dear and fireproof Razor who is always doing the best warm up sets in town,  and Jay Soul of AM444 fame.


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