Reykjavictim’s “Iceland”

I just got hipped to the fact that the Shanghai one-man band known as Reykjavictim (nice portmanteau) has released some new material via that musical bordello Bandcamp.

The album is called Iceland. Despite all of these Icelandic monikers and appellations, the dude is not from Iceland. I think he’s from Canada. However, he could just be saying that to avoid discrimination from all the anti-Icelandic racists out there. I, an American, for eight straight years claimed I was from Canada when traveling (during the GW Bush administration.)

Anyway, now we have all this faux-Icelandic music to ponder and judge. Let’s start with the opening track, “Mediocre Superstar”.

Simple, janky electronic keyboard beats with a nice steady rhythm, hypnotic synthesizer lines, and some well-placed guitar riffs; it all makes for a scrumptious sonic bouillabaisse. Three quarters of the way through, though, the song changes. The drumbeat gets a little bit more intense and everything seems more forceful. It’s a nice little outro. It’s the kind of track you could play a kick-ass game of beach volleyball to in the shadow of a belching volcano. You know, that kind of stuff.



Elsewhere, a trippy, vaguely Asian-sounding guitar fugue (“Feng Huang Qin”) morphs into a super-catchy banger called “He Shi”.



The next track, “Dian Dong Dong Wu”, has a beat like helicopter blades slicing through piano wires. It sounds like Technotronic being covered by depressed dudes in poorly lit bedrooms.


The last track, “Zhuan”, is quite a downer. It reminds me of Folk Implosion’s “Natural One” but with a bit more of the whole “Don’t worry, Jenny. It’s me Casper” vibe.


But wait! If you download the whole EP you get a special surprise that will pick you right up off that daunting precipice. So go do that now.

No, really. We’ll wait.

OK, thanks. Now we can move on.

Coincidentally, Reykjavictim is involved in a little cross-genre shindig this Saturday at MAO Livehouse. It’s called “Wan Jing You” (apparently some type of cooling oil brand, also means “jack of all trades”) and it sounds cool. The aforementioned Reykjavictim, Naohai (relatively new Shanghai indie rockers), TBOR (Xi’An rockers), and iAmalam (live electronic from Shanghai with two great musicians) comprise the live music portion of the evening.

Afterwards, DJs Gunknown, Yen, and Tzusing will spin you into the wee hours.

The cover is 50 kuai at the door, 30 in advance, and 20 if you only want to see the DJs. However, you can also get the advance price if you attend the Uptown Records Flea Market earlier in the day and get a stamp.

In summation: Go download Reykjavictim’s new EP. Next, go to the Uptown Records Flea Market. Finally, attend the Wan Jing You show at MAO Livehouse.

That is all.

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