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Known mostly for Bruce Lee and being the financial hub of South East Asia, Hongkong has also developed a pretty decent hardcore scene and the most famous representative is the band King Ly Chee.

Formed back in 1999 by Riz, the band is a major influence for hardcore in Hongkong as they basically started the movement and as founder Riz also published the Start From Scratch zine introducing hardcore music to Hongkong. King Ly Chee later on used that name for their own record label (Start From Scratch Records) on which they release their records that are not only available online for downloading but also physically available in a number of record stores throughout Hongkong (e.g. White Noise Records).

For mainland China, King Ly Chee have signed with Paul Huang and HotPot Music, the scream hardcore punk label, and promoter from Beijing that helped bands like Horse The Band or Saosin to perform in China. But King Ly Chee’s relationship with China didn’t stop at releasing their music on the continent, but they also regularly toured in China and distributed their Unite Asia EP with the Painkiller Magazine in January 2008.

King Ly Chee is not only a name in the underground in Hongkong but also a live force not to be neglected. In January they released their latest record Time Will Prove with a gig in Hongkong that was streamed live into the internet.

The CD Time Will Prove is actually a double album with CD 1 featuring all songs in English and CD 2 featuring all songs in a Chinese version. Especially cool is the song “On the Road” which features Andrew from Canadian hardcore band Comeback Kid. For me that song proves that Chinese hardcore has reached an international level of recognition and quality to not hide away from big names. Check out King Ly Chee’s songs on one of their many updated profiles (incl. Douban). And if you have time and are around, check them out live at one of the following gigs of their Time Will Prove China Tour 2012:


March 30th 2012 – Hong Kong Hidden Agenda

March 31st 2012  – Chongqing 重慶

April 1st – Chengdu 成都

April 2nd – Chengdu 成都

April  3rd – Xian 西安

April 4th – Wuhan 武漢

April 5th – Zhengzhou 鄭州

April 6th – Beijing 北京

April 7th – Shenyang 瀋陽

April 8th – Shanghai 上海




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