S.T.D. Mutation To Infect Shanghai's Thursdays

Today Reggie  (the man behind S.T.D), also known as R3, is flying to the States to play in Coachella, great times for him. Before leaving Shanghai he spread the word about S.T.D.’s new project. S.T.D. is developing a new self to collaborate with a new club that will open soon in Shanghai.

The new S.T.D. is OK, PLAY!, the new club is IBIZA. OK, PLAY! will take every Thursday night at IBIZA for a free of charge party with classy DJs. To start to warm up their Thursdays OK, PLAY! is bringing Carl Craig to play on May 3rd, this gig will be at MAO Livehouse, and it won’t be free, just for this time. Once IBIZA is opened in June Thursdays by OK, PLAY! will be free. The DJs already booked for those days are Zombie Nation, Shinichi Osawa, Blatta & Inesha, Tom Deluxx, and Danger.

S.T.D. has been working hard and well to get into the mainstream scene with style and class (things that the mainstream scene is needing big time in Shanghai). I’m not sure if their strategic move to create OK, PLAY! was needed, they already have a name to produce concerts and parties that’s widely spread and cool. To me doesn’t seem necessary, but if they feel like OK, PLAY!, cool anyway.

S.T.D. has experience working with clubs, a couple years ago they brought Not Me to the map, and it was a fine experience for them, and a good move by Not Me to insert themselves in the market. Now, we’ll have to see how IBIZA does. At a first glance, IBIZA is the only word I’ve written now that makes me uncomfortable, but well, better to avoid useless prejudices. We trust in Reggie’s vision.

Let’s start to get ready then. Shanghai sure wants more parties in town, and from Monday to Sunday, including Thursdays. And we definitely want good music in those parties. To start OK, PLAY! with Carl Craig, star of Detroit techno, is a sweet move.

Get into it.




Find more about S.T.D. on their official blog.  More about Carl Craig on his official website, and check out these set of cool mixes by him too.



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