Split Works Announced JUE Festival Line Up

Still winter has me cold and generally dull (though I am enjoying to be publicly grumpy), but Split Works, immune to any season-induced mood change, is bringing back the memory of better warmer days announcing the return of JUE Festival and its line up for the edition of 2013.

Still there programme is not yet finished, we will know of more acts joining the party on the next weeks. But we can tell you already of our top favorites acts until now.

Top of the top is the return of Jeff Lang. The folk musician left an unforgettable memory when he first came to China on 2009. Lang left the crowd floating in sweetness after the enchanting display of talent he showed on the stage, specially when rocking with that slide guitar. You can check how was that concert on the report we did then.

Right after Jeff Lang, or maybe just right by the side to avoid comparisons, the next cool act is the return of AV Okubo  with their long awaited second album. The band, who was one of the first Chinese bands to blew the horm… sorry… mind of this writer back then when they and Layabozi were just tender babies, has waited more than two years to release their second album. On the end of 2012, in Beijing, the band did a special show the day they ended the recording of this new LP, and they played all their new songs. The special guest of the concert was  Andy Gill who came to China to record and produced their album. Andy Gill is a renowned producer, and the guitarist of Gang Of Four, band of reference for the Wuhan rockers. AV Okubo fans are already on guard waiting for the release of this album.

There are many more acts already confirmed, among them, Frank Turner, who already was in China on 2010. Thee Oh Sees an American rock band that has been around for over a decade and has a good reputation for their live shows. How To Dress Well, American experimental pop producer. For sure we will have news about more Chinese bands joining the line up. We will tell you all about it as soon as we know.

For now we leave you with a Jeff Lang tune to begin the pre-JUE days.


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