Strawberry Festival ZhenJiang, The Line Up and More

Time to organize, kids, it’s Strawberry season again. Call the friends, book the van, prepare the psychopicnic, and the strawberry jellos, get the tickets, and all that jazz. But first thing first. Read this.

The Strawberry Music Festival organized by Modern Sky returns to the Yangtze river, they say, back to Zhenjiang. There are four stages, three days, seventy eight acts, and plenty of people having fun.

The main stage is the… guess … yes… the Strawberry stage, there will be Cui Jian, Xie Tianxiao, New Pants, Second Hand Rose, Streets Kill Strange Animals (who, btw, will play tomorrow Friday at YYT), and more more. The other stages will have Carsick Cars, Chaos Mind, Re-Tros, Steeley Heart, Sound Toys, and Shanghai Ultra, Drunk Monk, Sweat Shop crew, Ceezy, Conrank, and more and more.

There will be plenty of restaurants, games and machines to play with (I don’t know what is that about really), new bands on a new bands stage, a museum, 200,000 square meters area to camp (that’s kind of huge), open-air films screening at midnight, and plenty of music and fun lovers to meet around.

Note: Remember to take with you your extra special vitamins and water bottles, hydratation is the key for survival.



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