Strawberry Festival

The picnic should include strawberries of course. I recommend jelly shots of vodka strawberry, strawberries in red wine, special strawberry brownies, and plain sweet delicious strawberries.

Now the festival goes from Sunday to Tuesday. Tickets on pre-sale are 100rmb per day or 240rmb for the three days, or 120 at the door. Music starts at 1pm and the last shows at 9.30pm, so if you stay there all day you might be back to home or your next stop around midnight.

Read and print. The plan.

Sunday  April 29th

1pm Strawberry Stage – Candy Shop — It’s a Chinese rock festival, start it with pop rock the Chinese style.

2pm Love Stage – The Fever Machine — These guys love festivals, and if they love it, you will love it. And we’ve said it thousand times, still we can say thousand more, they are badass rockers.

3pm Love Stage – Pitchtuner — Electro clash duo, right music to dance while sharing some strawberry jelly shots, or wine with people around to bring up the festival mood.

4pm Guava Stage – DJ Yen — Time to check the electronic stage, local DJ on the stage Yen bringing electroclashy beats to make you dance.

5pm Guava Stage – Dj Viceroy — He’s fun drum ‘n dass,  start to bounce and careful with those jelly shots.

5.30pm Strawberry Stage — Omnipotent Youth Society — Yaogun riffs, rock of the alternative kind, near to progressive, and very rock ‘n roll. Ideal for festival stoners.

6:30pm Guava Stage – DJ Siesta — Siesta rocks with drum ‘n bass, you gotta be there.

7:30pm Love Stage – Top Floor Circus — The Shanghainese stars of the day, get ready to sing with the crowd, in Shanghainese, drinking songs, football hymns, and pure Shanghainese pride in rock form.

20:30m Guava Stage – DJedjotronic – Just party.


Monday April 30th

1pm Love Stage – Pairs — Start the day burning all worries, stress, frustration, and anxiety, yelling along with Pairs

2:30pm Strawberry Stage – Da Bang — Find a good spot, this is the place to stay and hang for a couple hours.

3:30pm  Strawberry Stage – Hedgehog — We’ve told you, they are awesome.

4:20pm Guava Stage – Shanghai Ultra — I’m expecting a set that could convert me from hippie to punk. Techno can kill you.

5:30pm Strawberry Stage – Brain Failure — If still alive, then go to mosh.

6:00pm Guava Stage – Drunk Monk — I’m considering you are well energized and feed with strawberries of all kinds so bouncing between stages will be refreshing. If you want to be impressed, then you can’t miss Drunk Monk.

7pm Guava Stage – Conrank — Stay. Drum ‘n bass for beasts.

8:30pm Strawberry Stage – New Pants — Finish moshing.


Tuesday May 1st

1pm Love Stage – Rainbow Danger Club — Start. Progressive tripping.

2pm Love Stage – Party Horse — Never heard of them, they are an Anglo-dutch duo  doing 8bit, can be fun.

3:30 Strawberry Stage – Re-Tros — Pure yaogun to headbang, dance, mosh, and enjoy. And get comfy around here, because this is the stage to be this day.

4:30pm Strawberry Stage – Gooose — Han Han’s solo project. Noise rock to go on tripping.

5:30pm Strawberry Stage – Queen Sea Big Shark — Click on the link, see the photos by Squinzi, and you’ll remember.

7pm Strawberry Stage – Blonde Redhead — The western band that head lines this festival.

8pm Guava Stage – DJ Spooky — Because a festival has to end with a party.


And because we know you are a spoiled duck,  we found for you where to buy the pre-sale tickets. See you there.




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