Sunday evening, spicy music to get rock the cold rain at YYT

“Once upon a time there was a quiet little town, right by the river. It`s where it all began… Maximum Liver Explosion as the Big Bang he blew himself straight up to the Rock`n`Roll sky and there it was like written in stone: MOSES HAZY, a six-headed dog, that rips you off that fetal position to make your body shake and head yell like Munch`s “Scream” with an epileptic attack by the spiders from Mars.. or something..It`s a boy!! It`s a girl!! It`s a bird!! It`s a planet!! Who cares as long as it has good legs. “ This is the start of the introduction of Moses Hazy in, it’s a very good reflect of the music made by these Finnish guys.

Personally I was gladly impressed with hearing a classic stoner/hippie/70s kind of ‘dazed and confused’ music, coming from the present and mixed with the extra great add of some very creative uses of the instruments with total comfort taking the music to other dimensions naturally. As Riku, singer and guitar player, explains “The music we play is spicy rock ‘n’ roll and I don’t only mean it’s hot, but it’s also using all the spices there is in the field of rock; let’s say it’s an exotic remix of wilderness of the world mixed in a saucerful of laplandish craziness.”

Moses Hazy is playing tonight at YuyinTang as part of their China tour, long awaited by the band, with at least two clear missions: one to bring the rock ‘n’ roll to as many corners of China as possible, and two “of course all, and by that I mean many, beautiful ladies! And we’re REALLY enjoying our time here!”, as Riku freshly said. They already play yesterday nigh at Live Bar and they had a great time there, playing with full house.

The opening band will be Arrows Made of Desire, a Beijing rock band with folk highlights and jazzy shadows, singing mostly in English and with already two albums on the market. Definitely other interesting band to check.

This weekend Shanghai has had very cool music around the bars and the cold rain hasn’t stop the rolling, chances are this will even make stronger the music from Moses Hazy. If you are up for fresh and bright sounds, Moses Hazy has many to play and share, as Riku said “The thing is energy! Pure Energy that keeps together this explosive thing we have on stage”. Sounds like hot fun and a good charge for the batteries too.

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