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Swing Shine is a duo, with a couple temporal extensions when they perform live, but the core of the band are LinDi (also from Cold Fairyland) and Jeremy Lasry (also from Swing Dynasty, and Wayne’s Basement, among other several jazz ensembles).

The duo got together in 2010 with the idea to melt traditional Chinese tunes with swing jazz from the neighborhood of the French gypsy jazz. They started exploring some classic Chinese, and French tunes, mixing styles,  like “C’est si bon” arranged with an special Chinese touch for LinDi’s pipa and singing. Besides the re-edition of classics of Chinese and French old pop folk, they are producing their own music too. It’s easy to imagine that swimming into such musical chest must be very inspiring to create new ideas, also, you know, Shanghai and France have an affair since long ago, they both like to go out, get drunk, and get bohemian together, it’s friendship that has produced already a lot of art the last couple of centuries so this mix is almost a classic. Not only this, but LinDi and Jay are interesting people, with strong characters on and off the stage, both of them very musical, and artistic. All these are just the rational reasons to pay attention to Swing Shine. The most important, finally, is that their music is beautiful.

无根之云 Clouds” is a pretty song with a really nice mood, composed by LinDi recorded in Beijing in 2011, J. Lasry here is playing both guitar and bass.



“四季歌 Four Season” is a famous Shanghainese folk song originally composed in 1937 by 田汉 (Tian Han), who also wrote “The March Of The Volunteers”, which is the national anthem of our beloved China. This version  was re-arranged by Swing Shine with new swing spices, including extra pipa coolness.



Swing Shine is playing live at Lune every Friday night.

Find more information about Swing Shine on their official website.

Also check LinDi’s official site.

Buy Swing Shine’s first album Marguerite on CD Baby.

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