The Antidote and Sub-Culture: Doshy at The Shelter

Date: Thursday,  November 19th

Time: 10 pm

Entrance: 20 RMB

Venue: The Shelter

Address: 5 Yongfu Lu (Near Fuxing Xi Lu)

DoshyAntidote and Sub-Culture present… DOSHY from Berlin

DOSHY — LIVE 8-bit Dubstep Techno Wobble madness

Doshy is at the forefront of the up and coming Berlin scene, creating a fresh new mix of genre-bending music. Warping together dubstep, 8-bit, with dark and grimey 4/4 wobble techno, Doshy is inspired by he city’s vibrant clubscene, yet bored with the statis of its oversaturated retro-minimal obsession.

Hailing from friendly South Bavaria (Augsburg), where he produced some reakcore for PeaceOFF and wonky techno for Bombtrap, Doshy moved to erlin, and became heavily inspired by the young new artists’ digital, orward thinking productions. Doshy’s music is the missing link between Mr. Oizo’s “Flatbeat”, Subhead, old Neil Landstrumm and current UK bassbinshifters like Zomby, Hyperdub, Starkey, Rustie, and Kanji Kinetic. His tunes are funky, massive dancefloor stompers with massive future bass and party sounds from outer space.

Doshy创造了一种在柏林最前沿的新风格混音。他将Dubstep,8-bit和既黑暗又grimey的4/4 电摇混合在一起,Doshy 在城市的过度饱和的情感刺激的俱乐部气氛中得到的灵感。

来 自友好的巴伐利亚南部的他,将他专为Bombtrap 的peaceOFF 和电摇 创作的 breakcore ,Doshy搬到了柏林,并且成为了数字艺术的新动力,更是推动了他的创作理念。Doshy 的音乐是让人不禁联想起Mr. Oizo’s “Flatbeat”old Neil Landstrumm 和现在英国的 bassbinshifters,例如Zomby, Hyperdub, Starkey, Rustie, and Kanji Kinetic.他的音乐风格聚集了Funky,震撼的舞池动感以及大量的未来感贝斯和感觉来自外太空的party之音。

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