The Antidote: Mono/Poly

Charles Dickerson, aka Mono/Poly, from Los Angeles, is a multi-skilled artist who can swim like a fish in the ocean through different styles of electronic music, leftfield, glitch, IDM, dubstep, hip hop, experimental, everything fits into his distinctive way to generate brain killer bass lines with analog sounds.

Mono/Poly’s intense discography begins in 2008, from this ongoing collection I want to highlight some of his best works until now, Bubble Sort a 7”  vinyl printed as a  limited edition of one hundred copies, instrumental hip hop for the Japanese label Circulations. His twenty-two tracks of the album Paramatma released on Tasteful Licks Records.  The Manifestations EP with seven tracks on Brainfeeder label owned for Steven Ellison (Flying Lotus) and distributed by the respected Ninja Tune crew. I like these works because I feel they are plenty of funk, musicality, and a real demonstration of  Mono/Poly’s beguiling management of analogue synths.

Listening to Mono/Poly’s music you can taste his rhythmic versatility plus the devastating evil bass lines created by this man.

Mono/Poly will play in Shanghai this week, presented by The Antidote at The Shelter on 14th of July. I recommend you in advance, don’t miss this one.

Enjoy these tracks.










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