The Electric, DJ Vadim's new band is on the way to China

Last time we saw DJ Vadim was on March last year, with Yarah Bravo rolling, and grooving from the bar to the booth and around of The Shelter. Now Vadim is coming back with his new band The Electric, explained by them: “the brainchild formed during DJ Vadim’s worldwide tour for his last LP, U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun (BBE), The Electric gathers the talents of Chicago’s freshest upcoming MC Pugs Atomz, UK sultry soulstress Sabira Jade, and of course Daddy Vad himself.”

The gig will be next September 17th at MAO Livehouse. So we have some time to warm up the ears, and here to start we have the first tracks Vadim sent to share with us all. Get them, play them, and doobehdop them.

The Electric “Carried Away”

The Electric “Simple As Easy”

The Electric “So Now U Kno” Flako Remix

Find more information about The Electric on their official website. And more about the gig, including links to some videos of the band, on the electronic flyer of The Electric’s concert in China.

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