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The Fence Collective in their own words: “a loose-knit amalgam of singer-songwriters, musicians, bands and electronic artists, who collaborate with one another on record, as well as on stage. Although their music isn’t strictly ‘folk’ in the traditional sense, the Collective’s tendency to hand-down and share songs with one another is very much in the folk spirit. Following the example set by label/collective founder, Kenny Anderson (aka King  Creosote), prolificacy is encouraged and ego is wrist-slapped – with most Collective members choosing to hide behind a pseudonym (as well as substantial beard growth)”

I wanted to write something about them, but their own intro seems to be the appropiate words to use to present them. So, these bearded beings are coming to tour in China as part of the series of concerts UK Now, produced by Split Works and the British Council.

The collective will play five dates, and although I have not listen to any of their music, I just got the new album of King Creosote, and I have listen some of his earlier music too, and I think he is pretty cool, plus the writing attitude of these guys is interesting, and the work they have done with their label, and the whole constitution of their label seems pretty interesting, so they seem interesting enough to me to recommend you to go to see them if they pass by your city.

Beijing,  Sunday, October 7th at MAO Livehouse
Xi’an,  Tuesday, October 9th at On The Road Bar
Urumqi,  Thursday, October 11th
Kashgar,  Saturday, October 13th
Shanghai, Tuesday, October 16th at Yuyintang





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