The Fever Machine + Friends Are Back In Rock


With summer just around the corner, The Fever Machine is returning to operations with their monthly shows featuring some of their partners in rock. The first one of this season is this coming Saturday, along with The Fever Machine will play The 88’s, and Chaos Mind, both from Shanghai, and CAssette, from Beijing.

This concert will be not only a good hang with friends, but a cool exhibition of rock power, the last time we saw The Fever Machine playing was at Layabozi’s 4th year’s anniversary and they were amazing, and the last time that CAssette was in Shanghai was to release their latest album and that show was also a very great show. Chaos Mind has not played live in a long time too, so they all must come with a good load of energy to release on the stage.

To warm up for the show, listen to The Fever Machine’s new song “La Chupacabra” — that should be the girlfriend of the alien vampire-like pet — a swinging piece of rock.  And refresh your memory with a tune of CAssette too.

One last thing before the music starts. The show will be this Saturday at YuyinTang, starting at 9pm, and the entrance fee is 40rmb. Got it?

See you there then.

Now rock.




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