The Gar Announces New EP and China Tour

It’s been three years since Beijing’s The Gar released their first and latest recording, the self-titled album was also the last album for Wen Jie, founder bass player of the band. Later on 2011 The Gar re-established with a new bass player, Bo Xuan, (ex Hedgehog).

With the addition of Bo Xuan, The Gar went over their latest songs, and went back to business putting their minds together during the last year. They invited Guo Yi Huan, Sober’s drummer and producer, to collaborate with them. And now they are ready to relase in September with their all-time label, Maybe Mars,  their new EP and second work in their discography The City Of Burning Identities 

To celebrate properly the release of their latest work and the new chapter in their existence, they will tour China during September and October.

The first single and preview for The City Of Burning Identities, “Love Will Lost Your Love”.




The City Of Burning Identities  Tracklist

1. Intro

2. Love Will Lost Your Love

3. Train

4. Time Cue

5. Black Hole

6. June


Tour Dates


7th Zhengzhou

8th Xi’an

9th Chengdu

13th Chongqing

14th  Guangzhou

15th Shenzhen

16th Hong Kong

22nd Beijing

28th Hangzhou


2nd Shanghai


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  1. dan

    gotta give it to the Gar. That is a pretty rad track; probably their best since 圈 . . .

  2. zack

    It’s so good


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