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The Polymorph Extra is Quentin Paquignon‘s artistic trip. Quentin put together a band of professional jazz musicians hungry for exploration and adventures with new sounds. The Polymorph Extra is actually a group of cool cats exploring the possibilities around the geek world of electronic gadgets and sounds. All the members of this band have played together in lots of gigs over the last five years, I mean, they have shared the stage when playing with other musician’s ensembles, or during the classic corporate gigs that feed the jazz scene of Shanghai. But as The Polymorph Extra they are a very young group.

During this first period of their life, The Polymorph Extra is taking it easy still, though they have set their minds on clear objectives for the long term. Quentin had his own trip to arrive to his own private moment where all things collided (or crushed) for him to start up this band/art-project (because eventually he will add his graphic art persona to the band too), so there’s a plan, they say, although they are also counting on the organic natural growth of music, and arts, of course.

Recently they started a weekly gig at Logo, they say these  first set of gigs at Logo are to set up their ground of sounds, once they have the basic ground designed for their first set of tracks, they will explore with more guts and confidence where they can take their tunes with the new gadgets they are adding to their instruments. Now, because The Polymorph Extra is actually a group, a supergroup, of pro musicians, the time they need to build a solid ground for their tunes I think it could be compare to the time that takes to a Brazilian football player (foot-ball!) to learn how to do a new trick with the ball, you know, similar to the time it takes to the wok cook at the corner to fry the noodles and eat them.

The Polymorph Extra will play this Saturday to open the next edition of our Dynamoon… this is how we are calling Layabozi’s live shows that we started last May (it took some time to convince me, the duck-dudes can tell with knowledge, I’m a hard- headed lady-duck).  Anyway. The Polymorph Extra will be then taking the chance to move one step forward on their plan, and play the first set of this special concert that we have cooked for us this Saturday 6 of August at YuyinTang. I have to add that one of the many things that I enjoy of doing Layabozi is the chance I have to watch bands evolve, I think is super cool to see a band going through the process of growing as a group and as a source of music, it’s almost like reading a book or watch a movie but projected in real 3D. And I think that from the latest wave of new bands that are forming in Shanghai this year, The Polymorph Extra is one of the coolest bands/projects to watch evolve.  … Because, by the way, there’s a wave of new bands and projects happening on the undergrounds of Shanghai. I think probably these new bands will help refresh the music scene of Shanghai, and some of them will specially refresh the jazz scene, which I believe is really really really good news.

Anyway. Over with the words. Here the music. … And come to YuyinTang this Saturday, we’ll have fun with music.

Cuddle’s Kalashnikov by thepolymorphextra

Leonor’s Lullaby by thepolymorphextra

L’Individu by thepolymorphextra

710 m of love/sec by thepolymorphextra

The Polymorph Extra plays “Nubian Lady” by Yusef Lateef – Sample by thepolymorphextra

The Polymorph Extra are Quentin Paquignon from France on saxophones, Leonardo Susi from Brazil on drums  and percussions, Byron Hill from the States on keys, Fu Hwa from Taiwan on flugelhorn, computer and more, and Macleen Rangasamy from Mauritius on guitar.

Find more about The Polymorph Extra on their official website, and on their Soundcloud page.

Groupie note: This week’s gig of The Polymorph Extra at Logo they had Tricky among their audience.

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  1. Ricky

    Tricky is a right cunt. But big up these dudes, I like em.

    1. mache

      Yeah, I like them too, Ricky. I’m hoping they will start recording an album soon. Anyway, I’ll be writing about them often


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