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The big musical news of the week is that Coco Zhao is bringing back to life The Possicobilities, one of the greatest bands of Chinese music scene. The Possicobilities new incarnation is formed by another explosive mix of talents, as explosive and its previous one, so the expectations about their return are free to be high. You can expect music enlightenment.

One of the best bands I’ve ever seen live has been The Possicobilities. On that previous formation the band members were Coco Zhao, E.J. Parker, Chris Trzcinski, Huang Jianyiand Peng Fei, this was a very explosive mix of talents. E.J. and Chris were and are one hell of a rhythm section, they know how to rock with jazz up and down, and down and up. Peng Fei and Huang Jianyi created melodies that were magical, Peng Fei’s arrangements are delicatessen actually, after all he is one of the best producers of China, and Coco, of course, one the loveliest and coolest voices of the Chinese music scene of our times. The band released one album, Dream Situation, a classic of Chinese jazz, a compilation of arrangements of old Chinese tunes brought back to life through the vision and musical genius of these mad group of artists. Dream Situation will have soon a review on this pink zine.

The official rebirth of The Possicobilities is booked to be this Sunday, April 7th, at JZ Club. Which also reminds me the amazing time when Sundays at JZ were the hang to be.

I talked with Coco about the news, and this is what he says, “… so far, I don’t have much information about the band… but I can tell you the new guys are Oleg on piano, Alec on Sax, Danny Zanker on bass, and Johnny Joseph on drums. There is no specific reason for the new band, it’s simply because the old band members are too busy with each own’s projects, and their daily life. So I decided not to stick with the same musicians anymore, in fact, what you will hear on the 7th is also just one set of musicians for this time, maybe next time it will change again, anyway, no matter who will be playing in the band, the name will always be called The Possicobilities, because it is  “Coco’s Possibilities”, following my concept playing standards, and some of my own compositions.”

You should know, Coco plays only with the best. The new Possicobilities are indeed a power band, I can’t wait to listen Oleg doing some of his magic passes with Coco, while Johnny and Alec bring colorful thoughts to the stage. I haven’t yet hear Zanker, but I’m sure he must have a special talent hidden in his bass. This Sunday, if you are in Shanghai, if you love music…. what are you going to do?
[Youtube video]



[Youtube video]

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