The Song Dynasty, U.S.A. Tour, and New EP


Spring time, live music, new albums, and we are in need of more good writers to cover all the good stuff happening, contact us. Passed the ad, let’s go the news.

The Song Dynasty just released a great new EP The Odd Times, it sounds nice, listen to it, and buy it too. A fun fact of this album is that includes the collaboration of Dennis Ming Nichols of  Rainbow Danger Club, playing trombone on the song “Grab Your Cab”.  

The Odd Times has very sweet bass lines all around its five songs, I also enjoy a lot the colorful voice of Kate Lewis as always. There’s a lot to listen to in The Odd Times, nice riffs, cool arrangements, sweet compositions, just start playing.




The Song Dynasty started yesterday their biggest tour until now, and it’s in the States, which is great news of course. For those of you there check the dates below, and go to listen to their music, and meet them. Sure it’ll be a nice way to know more of what’s happening in China’s music scene.


March 20th: El Corazon – Seattle, WA

March 21st: Luckey’s Club Cigar Store – Eugene, OR

March 22nd: Havel’s Tavern – Astoria, OR

March 23rd: Camellia Lounge – Portland, OR

March 25th: Abbey Tavern – San Francisco, CA

March 26th: The Blue Lagoon – Santa Cruz, CA

March 27th: Frog and Peach Pub – San Luis Obispo, CA

March 28th: Terrace – Pasadena, CA

March 29th: TRiP – Santa Monica, CA

March 30th: The Rellik Tavern – Benicia, CA

March 31st: The Velo Rouge Cafe – San Francisco, CA


And the last news about The Song Dynasty is this video [on Vimeo] directed by Dean Merrill released this month, the song is  “Slow” from their first album All That’s Keeping You Here.




Find more about The Song Dynasty on their official website.

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