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Since I published the list of new albums that will be soon release in China the rain of news about new albums has not stop. Today we got The Word’s new LP.

Calie is the second release of  The Word, the first one was the self titled EP released last year with four tracks that are also part of this LP. Calie was recorded at Kim Studio, the old tracks were mixed there, and the new ones were mixed by Damien Banzigou. Calie is released under Masai Records label, Banzigou’s label.

Since their beginnings two years ago, The Word has exhibit a nice display of creativity with their songs and their performances, the latest was at the JZ Festival where they did an excellent show that included the performance of our own big duck Mike B. on double bass, who is right now leaving China again… allow me the note please, it was lovely to have him back here, and to listen to him playing live again, still, can’t wait to have him around again.

The Word” is one of the new songs of the band appearing in Calie, this is a nice tune that shows very well the style of the band, with a nice jazz trumpet intro, then Gauthier Roubichoo rapping in French, later the sweet voice of Dana, and the fun rap dialogue between Amine El Filale and Roubichoo, plus that fashionable mix of hip hop and jazz, plus the smooth sound a lot like R&S style which to me sounds pretty much like it could be the intervention of Banzigou’s production, an extra seasoning adding groove and coolness to the mix.


Calie will be officially release tonight at Cotton Club, the show will start at 9.30pm.

Calie’s Track List

1. Calie

2. Full Color

3. Crack

4. The Word

5. Times

6. Mademoiselle B

7. Music Evolution

8. Elevate

9. Looply

10. Kan Kan Wo

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