Zebra Music Festival

Tomorrow starts the second edition of Zebra Festival in Shanghai, at Jinshan Beach City.

I’ll make it quick.

The festival starts tomorrow Friday, and it goes until Sunday.

Every day music starts at 17:10, and it’s programmed to end at 21:50.

It’s a bit late for the pre-sale tickets, but you might make it if I get this published in a bit (unlikely), in that case the tickets per day are 150rmb. On the door the tickets are 180rmb.

The exotic event-in-the-event is a wedding planned to happen during the fest, the singer of the band Crazy Stream met her better half during last year’s festival and they decided to get married during this one, yeah, so many things to comment about this. I guess the better photo of the wedding should say it all.

Music then. Zebra is basically a young pop festival, Asian pop, pop. They do have some cool bands booked. And some that are yet to be discovered by us. Plus one or two revealing that this even is yet young and starting to discover the world.

There are two stages: the Earth stage, and the Heaven stage. The Heaven stage is dedicated to interactive stuff, there’s a Xiami showcase, a charity auction, and some games going on there. It should be at least educative to go to check some of the activities there. Plus there will be the DJ party at the end of every day. On the Earth stage is where the bands are playing.

On Friday you will see there the Mushrooms, Caffe-In (pop punk from Japan), Nova Heart (you know them well, and we like them), Qu Wanting (pop pop girl from Harbin signed by Canadian label, and featured earlier this year on Jue Fest in Beijing, very pop still), Stanley Huang (Taiwanese American popstar)… I think the Mushrooms will have a pop overdose at the end of this day, or maybe we will see Pupu learning some dance steps from Stanley Huang… sorry, Pupu, just joking.

Saturday: Monkeylegion (rock/hip-hop but pop, not so good, but let’s give them a chance), Yoko Yasawa (Japanese pop rock singer, I have serious doubts about her, but could be fun/ny), then Kite (who we hyped earlier this week), Mongol800 (Japanese pop punk), Groove Coverage (German pop duo, totally forgettable), Aska Yang (Taiwanese popstar who makes girls yell)

Sunday: CndY (pretty cool electronic act from Beijing), Exile Parade (UK rock pop), Chochukmo (HK cool pop rock, pretty cool), New Breed (Japanese… how to name it? … I guess, pop core ), Lollipop (Taiwanese boy-band with choreographies, and lots of pop smiles), and Show Lo (a Taiwanese Ricky Martin… yes).

Everypopday near the end of the afternoon S.T.D. Djs will play on Heaven Stage, the DJs: R3pop, DJ Linfengpop, DJ Zammo-pop-pop, Ado8pop and HBDpoppop. (Reggie will kill me) (pop).

Plus lots lots lots of pop fans, and a “water splashing” festival, a flee market, music lessons, and App market (really), even an event to stop the consumption of shark fins, yeah, protect the sharks!, and remember, even a wedding. Also people in summer mood, and girls in bikinis, lots, and beach parties, and pop fun Asia-style like the one you should have when in Asia.

I honestly think this will be fun, probably to go the three days could be a bit disturbing, but we’ll be there on Sunday.


Channel Young Zebra Music Festival: 20-22 July, 2012

Address: Shanghai Jinshan Beach (Google mapped for you with love)

Pre sale tickets.

See the full line up and more details on the Official Zebra popsite.

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