Behind the Kit at The Fever Machine Presents

The Fever Machine put together a fun lineup at Yuyintang on Saturday night. The roll call:

X is Y


The Fever Machine

Rainbow Danger Club

Let’s take a moment to view this set from another angle, from a point of view behind the music, literally. I’m talking about the drummers’ eye view. We had a unique collection of time-keepers displaying their rhythmic wares that night.

The show started off with X is Y, Fabien behind the kit. For this band, Fabien is playing drumbeats that were previously programmed, but he has given them his own signature and performs them with aplomb. Admiringly, I noticed how many changes the music went through during each song, as well as the deftness with which he maneuvered them.

I went to grab a bite to eat between sets and missed the maniacal magic emanating from the Pairs’ drummer’s wands. In addition, their drummer evidently likes to forsake the sticks and take cymbals right to the dome. That can’t be good for you. But it’s a happy event for the audience.

The Fever Machine went next, anchored by Miguel’s sinewy beats. They don’t like discordance or silence and murdered both during their set, an energetic sojourn from blues to metal to boogie, and back to present day whatever the hell. I think they might have re-animated something evil with their usual tight set, like a dark ritual going really rite.

The main event then became Rainbow Danger Club, a band I have written about a little before, but as it became obvious during their short set, not nearly enough. Of course, we have another drum connection here, because both the guitarist and bassist play a floor tom with one drumstick each, with which they also manipulate their primary instruments (Stick-Core). They also have a more traditional drummer manning the set and I am jealous of the ease with which he traverses the groove. He also has a cool beaver face he busts out during the more intense moments. It’s super toothsome.

Overall, it was a smooth show that pleased me immensely. Rainbow Danger Club seemed to make a bit of a leap. They definitely earned their headlining status on Saturday. I told you there would be more from them soon and I will be actively trying to make good on that promise. Get out to see them on June 19th in Hangzhou. That’s the next date on their gig calendar so far, but there could be surprises in store, you never know. Layabozi will keep you apprised, as usual.

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