Ch Ch Chochukmo!

As you knew from my last post, I was quite excited about the band that played Yuyintang on Saturday night, Chochukmo.

They were even better than I had hoped.

With an amazing live performance and kick ass songs, the raging band from Hong Kong left a packed Yuyintang crying for more. Many in the crowd were no strangers to the band, screaming the lyrics along with Jan Curious and his dramatic antics.

I tried to think of resemblances as I listened, but was happily unsatisfied when I could not really place it. Curious reminds one of Matthew Bellamy from Muse but acts like Iggy Pop.

The band is tight. Real tight. With constant changes, stops, and reverses, they were on at every moment flinging us around like a wild amusement park ride that no one wanted to get off. It’s a new indie kind of sound, hard to pinpoint, but easy to love.

If you missed the show you can listen to some of their songs here and brush up on your Cantonese while waiting for their next run up to Shanghai.

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