Diary Of A Chinese Tour: Androsace – Gig 01

Androsace is doing a great tour during 2012, eleven Chinese cities, for sure a great experience for the band and for all of us around them. To celebrate this event properly, Layabozi is hosting this special set of articles that will keep us closer to Androsace’s adventure.

We are really fine, happy and enthusiastic for our first hit of Androsace’s tour: Nanchang in Jiangxi province! We received a great reception down there. Those young people, tempered years by years by the fierce cold weather, were there waiting for us and ready to rock!

Androsace’s gig in Heitie Livehouse in Nanchang was the first one after the vacations of Chinese New Year, so this was a good point in our favor. The venue is cool (kind of  like Nanchang’s “Shanghai LiveBar“), good sound, and people are really simple and friendly.

We travelled there Saturday morning with our friends from Bigongbijing, one of Shanghai’s most promosing bands. They played a tight powerful opening act, warming up the crowd and all the…necks! These guys are so crazy that will join us for a big part of our tour around China!

Androsace played a new live set made of eleven songs, luckily good part of these are brand new which makes us more happy in playing, plus it gives us the chance to give to people something more for what’s only on the album! We think that people liked our songs and I remember so clearly people following us, clapping their hands enthusiastic on the marching beat of our song “Machine”.

We ended up taking pictures, somebody even received a hug. After we all went to a colorful local restaurant and had good time with some local new friends. We are totally up for playing again in places like this. The reception of people is really warm, natural and genuine.

That’s was our first gig and now we ‘re looking forward for a tough one on the list… Wuhan!

Dario 逹留 (Androsace’s drummer)

Find more details on Androsace’s Douban page. And listen to “Machine” and more of their songs on their Bandcamp page.

More about Bigongbijing on their Douban page.

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