Androsace is doing a great tour during 2012, eleven Chinese cities, for sure a great experience for the band and for all of us around them. To celebrate this event properly, Layabozi is hosting this special set of articles that will keep us closer to Androsace’sadventure.


Ningbo gig, March 10th 2012


It took three hours in a train to get to Ningbo, our hotel room was two minutes away from CMK Bar inside an old town, really cool!

After resting a little bit, the shocking news came in. Axiong—the boss of CMK, just told us that there was an extremely boring and twisted people who reported our show (foreign musicians issue and performance license issue), so the local CB pig called him that he must cancel the gig otherwise the venue will be charged a fine of sixty thousand rmb. Extremely embarrassed and sorry to us, Axiong started asking to other venues to help out but of course it was too late to set up anything, so at the end we decided to hang out in the bar and see what we could do.

The staff in CMK bar had to announce that the gig was cancelled, so when we got there half people were gone but still few of them stayed and enjoyed talking with us, they got our CDs, and shared some drinks too.

Just when we were thinking “Fuck it, let’s play”, ready to walk on the stage, one guy from the crowd suddenly stood up and arrogantly showed a sign: “No shows allowed”. Yeah, he is a cultural pig. What a twisted situation: people were waiting helplessly; we were sitting with our instruments in our hand, a couple of uneducated pigs were smiling powerfully and proud of themselves!! How pathetic they are!

Few hours later, finally the pigs were tired and slowly grunting each other, they went home. Even though we were super pissed, those few people were calling us to play, so, once the shit’s smell was gone, the late show started.

Our new friend Caesar from Xinjiang, who we met the same night, used his low back jazz to open the show, then Bigongbijing’s fast and loud hardcore warmed up the show. Then was our turn, all the people who stayed moved to the front of the stage, we started instantly because there was no time to be wasted. During the whole set everyone were smiling like nothing happened, especially Axiong, he was head banging until the end.

What a long night! Thanks to Axiong, I wish you didn’t get a bad hang over the day after, and we will come back when your new venue is open. Thanks to Caesar, even though the first gig you took was sucked by pigs, but don’t worry, most pigs like to stay inside the pigpen. Thanks to Edps, your awesome speech was a powerful slap to the pigs and also you are a really good uncle you know that. And of course, thanks to the snoopy guy who called the pigs and the pigs themselves, I wish this night made your sad lives a bit less smelly! Keep grunting!

Lenz (Androsace’s lead singer)



Next date:

Androsace’s Invitation 2012 China Tour – Suzhou Bus Trip

On Saturday March 17th we will be playing at Wave Livehouse in Suzhou with Biu Biu and Bigongbijing as part of our China Tour. We have a bus that will leave Shanghai Stadium at 2PM and return after the show and we have twenty seats available for anyone who wants to come along for the fun!!! Costs depend on numbers – we already have twenty people coming, if ten more join the return journey will be ¥90, if twenty more come it will be ¥70 each plus entrance to gig – ¥30. If you want to come along or want more details send a us an email to Androsaceband (at)


Find more about Androsace on their Douban page.

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