Androsace is doing a great tour during 2012, eleven Chinese cities, for sure a great experience for the band and for all of us around them. To celebrate this event properly, Layabozi is hosting this special set of articles that will keep us closer to Androsace’sadventure.



Wuhan Show March 16th 2012

by Lenz (Adrosace’s lead singer)


After talking about the meaning of life for six hours, we arrived to Wuhan around 3pm.

I have to say first, Wuhan’s driver was far way nicer than Ningbo’s. He introduced us to so many local culture, and showed us the Yangtze River and Dong Lake. Then we arrived at our hotel, which is just right opposite to VOX live house.

After washing six hours of sweat, we went to VOX to do the sound check. Fuck me! VOX is the best venue I’ve ever been! All the staff here is young people who like rock music, not old folks who count money all the fucking time.

The sound guy, Like (that’s his name!) was so patient and ran up and down to check everything to make sure we sounded right. Then Bigongbijing arrived from the airport (now you know they are not a real punk band), while they were doing the sound check I had to go to hospital with Sasha. He was still suffering from his gastritis from Ningbo’s sea food. … Remember this, don’t eat lots of seafood and drink lots beer at same time. It’s dangerous!

Some local friends brought us to a Wuhan restaurant near VOX called Jian Pu Zhai to have dinner. That was fucking awesome! When we were back to VOX, it was already half packed. The local punk band Sharp Pills was just about to play. They are young and full of energy. I was really impressed to know that they were just in the second grade of university. (I’m not the youngest anymore). Then Bigongbijing went on the stage followed by lots of screams for their sexy bass player, Miamian. Their sound was loud and fast as hell! My favorite song of them now is their fast version of “You Hate Me And I Hate You” of GG Allin.

Thanks to these two bands, the VOX was hot enough for us!! We opened with “Unknown Disease” (also called “Anal Disease” sometimes), then I saw more people moving their asses from their seats to the front of the stage to avoid getting that disease. In the middle of the set, Sasha’s amp was suddenly smoked by unknown reasons. During the changing of the amp, I gave away the free CDs to people that were jumping on one and another to get a copy. The crowd was so crazy that one hundred CDs were gone in just few seconds. Then we were back to the set, at that moment the venue was totally packed. We played all the rest of the songs without a break. Based on the smiling drunk faces, I know it was a good show.

Then crazy things happened, for the first time in our lives we signed a lot of CDs, we also saw few tits, some hairy ass as well, and took many photos with the people. As VOX turned into a midnight club like all the other venues do, we went out with Sharp Pills to eat spicy Wuhan BBQ, and also to hang in the famous Wuhan Prison.

Really good times!! Next time, more songs and more time for sure!!



Suzhou Show 17th March 2012

by Seb (Androsace’s bassist)

After a short night in Wuhan, we left in a hurry at 7 AM, with bags, instruments, hang over, bottles of water, and we went straight to the railway station to catch some American food and our train to Suzhou, the next step of our tour.

Five hours of a very quiet trip, without beers, baijiu, singing, or smokes,… only the sound of the warriors resting (snorring) after the battle, and trying to reconnect the brain cells (at least the few last we still have).

Suzhou…almost feels like Shanghai! Same rainy shitty weather, and the feeling is like we are not that far from home anymore.

But hey, enough melancholia, here we are at Wave Livehouse! This  “underground / under-the-ground” venue makes you feel like your best mate is inviting you to play loud and drinking beer at his parent’s home garage on a Sunday afternoon. The only difference is that you have a huge wall of amps from floor to ceiling, and that your friend’s folks won’t kick you out of the house at 5 PM. How cool is that?!!

We spent the afternoon there chilling out, doing sound check, trying different combinations of Red Bull/hot water/peanuts (what else do you need?). We were waiting for our friends Biubiu, who were playing with us that night, plus hardcore fans, groupies, girlfriends, pets, ER staff, and so on, coming from Shanghai by bus.

After enjoying themselves riding the bus around China, from Harbin to Shenzhen, crossing seventeen provinces, nine military outposts, four times the Great Wall, here were coming our friends on a bus from Shanghai… Good friends are those who come with beers and smiles, and we were lucky to have a lot of them in that bus.

Then it was time to fill our stomachs with local specialties: spicy seafood BBQ (with beers) for the bravest hearts among us, soup and mifan (yeah, with beers) for the ones still suffering from the last battle.

Stomachs were full, beers were open, crowd was waiting, rain was falling, dogs were barking… it was time to rock Suzhou!

We got an eclectic crowd of local kids, St. Patrick party boys, metal dudes, Shanghai mates, Chinese girls supporting a Wales rugby team, head bangers, etc, all of them were there to listen and applaud BiuBiu who brought a touch of softness in a world of violence with their great melodies. Bigongbijing played too, and they almost made the whole building collapsed with their over powerfull riffs from an after death dimension.

Then it was the time for us to plug our weapons and unleash hell with a mix of old, and new songs. We had a great feedback from people there. Our singer Lenz was running, jumping, crawling, dancing in the crowd like a possessed flea, we thought we were going to lose her.  You guys gave her back to us, we appreciate it.

None of us puked on the audience (which was a serious option that night). Maybe next time. Let’s not lose the faith!

After the last good-byes, it was time to take the bus back to Shanghai. Also time to realize drinking beers in a bus still makes you want to piss like the Niagara falls.

Thank you all for coming, for the bus, for the laughs, for sharing this moment with us and most important for keeping that good old rock’n’roll spirit!

Next gig. Hangzhou, at 9 Club on Saturday March 24th. See you there!



上海点地梅乐队2012 巡演杭州站

时间: 3月24日 20:00 – 23:30
地点: 杭州 西湖区 万塘路262号 酒球会

Find more about Androsace on their Douban page.

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