Androsace is doing a great tour during 2012, eleven Chinese cities, for sure a great experience for the band and for all of us around them. To celebrate this event properly, Layabozi is hosting this special set of articles that will keep us closer to Androsace’sadventure.

Hangzhou show 24th March 2012

by Dario 



In traveling up and down in a huge country, there are things that always happen, sometimes is your stomach and its worst enemy laduzi, sometimes you lose things (like passport on trains) and sometimes the whole picture doesn’t work.

Hangzhou was one of those gigs where everything should have gone really really smoothly, but it didn’t!

Starting from the train, we left from Shanghai South Railway Station at 1pm (and somebody even missed it) with destination to Hangzhou South Railway station. We just didn’t realized that this station in Hangzhou is almost 1 hour from city center… in that moment we realized that the 29rmb we paid for the train ticket wasn’t really worth it. First lesson, always buy tickets to Hangzhou train station and not the south one!

Once arrived, with guitars, cymbals bags, etc., our trustworthy followers BigongBijing and us went all on bus number 301 to reach the city center. Once got off, the second nightmare of Hangzhou… find the taxis! It’s incredible how hard it is, and the ones that stops always asks your destination before deciding to let you in or not….what the f***! By the time we found a “black box” taxi, we directly reached the venue of our gig to leave all our stuff, 9-Club! This place is in an area surrounded by local clubs, KTV, etc. The place itself is kind of interesting. Really, really big but with most part of the space intended to be a big pool table club. The part of the bar with the stage is kinda strange. It doesn’t looks really like an underground sweaty bar, instead you have wooden tables in the middle and a big stage with lot of lights and with the drums behind a kind of bullet proof glass. All the equipments were really nice, I played on a cool five piece Yamaha Stage Custom Birch drums that night.

Next stop was checking in to the Hotel suggested by the venue, Budin Hotel! Yeah, Budin! We are really starting to appreciate Hotels just next to the venues, especially those with funny names!

That evening we had a Chinese band of cool Chinese guys supporting us as well, they are called Xincun and they play a kind of indie-rock (with keyboards for those nostalgic of 80’, Timberland and Roy Rogers jeans). Xincun opened the gig and start to warm up the crowd, they were quite good and with happy faces playing on stage. Well, we have to say that the place wasn’t really packed, we expected more but it seems that the same evening there was a much bigger gig somewhere in town (really? Bigger then us?), so we kind of paid the consequences. But… who cares! After Xincun, BigongBijing, as always, put out flames out of their armory, and Xincun guys started to pogo under the stage involving and tempting the others around them to do so. When it was our time, most of the people were already standing and for all time of our performance I could see through the glass in front of the drum, people enjoying good times (maybe I was seeing double because the glass… ?).

After the gig, our new Xincun friends invited us to follow them to a local Chinese club called Ga-Ga! This club has all the common elements of all Chinese clubs around China: round tables, people playing dices with cute girls, big screens all around the place, techno-pop Chinese/western music, sweet corns, whiskey and green tea, and Chinese male guys inviting Chinese male foreigners to have a drink. We couldn’t really stand the place and we were really tired! Xincun’s guys seemed to be really much more Tony Manero like that we were, and we lost the challenge with them. After half an hour BigongBijing were freaking out (their official sponsor is Lanzhou Lamian Industry) and were pushing to leave. After few words to convince us, we all left, without forgetting to hide the half bottle of whiskey under our coat. Unfortunately right before we got into the lift, playing and pushing each other like enthusiastic kids just coming out the school on a Saturday afternoon, the bottle of whisky dropped on the floor, right in front of security guard, the bottle was gone and with that our dreams of after party in our rooms.

It was a good time anyway from the comrades way of enjoy this times, you can always learn a lot from each situation, from buying the right train tickets, to better learn how to hide bottles. For the music side…it’s only rock and roll…but we like it! And as Allman Brothers said “We are ramblin’ men, tryin’ to make a livin’ and doin’ the best we can!”

Next stop, is a Secret Gig with Pairs, and BiuBiu next Saturday…  in Shanghai!

We will be again on the road for Androsace Tour on April 14th rockin’ Anhui capital Hefei!

See ya there!

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