Diary Of A Chinese Tour: Androsace — Gig 06


Androsace is doing a great tour during 2012, eleven Chinese cities, for sure a great experience for the band and for all of us around them. To celebrate this event properly, Layabozi is hosting this special set of articles that will keep us closer to Androsace’sadventure.

Hefei show 14th April 2012

by Lenz and Dario 



After being blamed for so many times I’ve been late, I was the first one to arrive to the train station this time. But as it ended up, apart from me and Laobi (BigongBijing singer and guitar player), all the others were late. In the end, we ran inside the train to the train lady’s whistle. But even though, two people from Bigongbijing were still missing. It seems that the most challenging thing in touring is to catch the train!

On the way, Laobi and Sasha taught everyone in the box how to play guitar, due to one guitar and one little Orange spreading the sound all over the carriage.

After three hours, we arrived to Hefei. Once there, we were bagged by two old people, then dragged and called “sister” by a little girl, finally we found a black car with a reasonable price to take us to our destiny. And we made it to Hefei University of Industry.

The handsome bar boss already being waited us there, and gave us cigarette greetings then we went to the On the Way Bar. The bar is so cool, it feels like cowboy bar! Ha! Meanwhile, the two missing persons we had were about to arrive as well, thank god!

Then like always, showering, smoking, eating. Hefei dishes are really good, spicy and salty. Sasha went to play the game that he didn’t play enough as a child… shooting balloons. Dario and Seb brought 2 RMB engagement rings and finally established(!) their relationship at Hefei. Yeah, I want to quit the band.

As Hefei’s custom, we started around 8pm.The opening band called Knock, very strong Chinese taste power pop. Then Bigongbijing, I was already high so they were fucking great! Then it was us, sorry guys, I made so many mistakes and forgot the lyrics. I don’t know what did I think but I know I’m getting more and more retarded now. By the way, Hefei’s audience really enjoyed to be seated on things so I feel this show was more or less a self entertainment kind.

Then we went to eat barbecue. Laobi and Seb were already drunk. Laobi fell asleep right on the barbecue dirty ground and Seb’s plastic chair seemed a difficult approach for him for the whole night. After, we kept drinking in the hotel. That night was insane. I only can tell two things here: one, Laobi was still sleeping. Two, there is something like semen on Seb’s face [Editor’s Note: I had to censor Lenz a little bit here]. The more we go out on the wild world the dirtier we become!

We were supposed to play in Nanjing’s Castle Bar this weekend but it seems that those guys are not really supportive in make things easy to bands, our suggestion… don’t play there!

We are thrilled to share now that we will hit Beijing’s Midi stage next week! So… support us guys! We will raise high Shanghai’s music scene flag!

Next Androsace’s official tour date will be Shenzhen on July 6th! We will have a couple of dates in southern of China and we will have some cool guests like Friend or Foe joining us! In between we are going to have some surprise but we won’t ruin the surprise for now! Seb is working on a special tour issue!

Stay tuned!


Find more about Androsace on their Douban page.


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