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Yuyintang was the spot on Saturday night, as Andy Best and Jake Newby invited everyone down for some psych rock and arty photography. Andy became enamored of the Beijing photographer Ren Hang within the past few months, bought prints from him, and struck up a relationship. That led to him inviting the auteur down to Shanghai for this show and also some other projects around town, as I understand. Duck Fight Goose and Boojii were invited to provide some of their top-notch freak-out tunes.

The night started out with Duck Fight Goose in fine form, as per usual. They sound better and better every time I see them. I seem to throw out that compliment a lot, but it is one of the biggest accolades I can give, as I hate to see bands staying stagnant and not growing from performance to performance. Saturday night DFG gave it their all, presenting musical fugue states that threatened to boil over into complete lunacy. Their music has a lot of unexpected twists and turns, which keep you on your toes. My favorite track (I don’t know names) came about midway through, a disjointed samba with Han Han screaming through effects like a spoiled child in the throes of a temper tantrum. Da Men on drums and San San on bass hold the madness together like an ill-fitting straitjacket, leaving Panda to leap into flights of fancy.

Some good news came between the photography show and Boojii set, when Bren from Stegosaurus? and I cornered Da Men and peppered her with questions. It seems that the long wait for a real Duck Fight Goose album could be over in the near future. She also dropped the bomb that the album could be released on Maybe Mars, saying that label head Micheal Pettis wants it to be produced by Yang Haisong of PK14 fame. Wow. I’ll try to keep you posted.

Back to the happening: Ren Hang’s photographic slide show with dreamy ambient track was never boring, which is a tribute to Ren’s talent. He has an eye for the surreal, likes to work with skin, and seems to be a bit naughty. You should definitely check him out. Coincidentally, Jake linked to the photo that also stood out to me the most during the show. Check that out here.

Afterwards, Boojii came on, which really means that San San changed instruments and costumes (delightful), Han Han slid over to stage right, Sun Ye took over the bass, and Panda took a break. The band played a tight set, consisting mainly of tracks from their album Reserved, and left. Job done. I really need a copy of that album.

Cheers to the Kungfuology boys for putting on this event, a true grassroots happening. It was more than a show, it was a community gathering. I enjoy being a part of Andy’s passion projects because they are not just tossed off, they are well-planned and the mark of genuine enthusiasm is always stamped upon them.

Speaking of Andy’s pet projects, check out the new Little Punk video here.

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  1. shaun/tenzenmen

    Hope that’s right about the DFG release! If you need the Boojii CD you can also get it from me – which would be wonderfully ironic as it was sent to me by people in Shanghai!

  2. zack

    Oh, I’ll get it sometime soon. It’s been out for awhile, but Shanghai definitely has a need for better places to buy indie CDs.


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