SMEGMA RIOT… wow, uh!

What has been going on at Dos Kolegas (两个好朋友), in Beijing, on 25th Sept.’s night was a gorgeous opening for Smegma Riot’s “VAFFANTOUR” around P.R.China.

A great punk concert in the straight sense of the word and a crazy live event, not only for the underground side of Italian community in China, but for whoever loves the live energy of guaranteed quality punk live events!

SMEGMA RIOT then, a band I’ve always been hearing about, but I actually never listened to…I just supposed it was some kind of insane punk-rock band from some people I had known time before, when I was still at university in Italy and, well, I was actually wrong. Smegma Riot are not just playing the part of musicians with some instruments in their hands and they’re not only making funny jokes with a willfully ‘extreme’ Italian accent, they’re damn making their own music, with their own sound and an unbelievable live energy!

That’s why they have been one of Kunming’s tightest acts for ages.

They are mostly Italian (except for drums player, from U.S.A), ‘the Italian stallion punk band’ (hilarious!!!), and mostly sing in Italian and English, anyway, every song is sang by their quite international audience all along. With their quite glamorous look made of very hot glittering elastic pants and their jumps, Eddie and Lucio move the stage and the audience to very high energy levels, and the choice to alternate their own songs with covers from some of the most famous Italian and foreign bands makes everybody can’t help but dancing and singing and run up to the stage (where the audience is quite welcomed anyway!). Filippo (lead guitar) is a real player, I mean the one that always makes a difference in a band and gives a touch of old styled elegance to the simple punk riffs. The bass player is totally crazy, he’s a jumper actually, the kind of annoying jumper you never want by your side when you go to listen to live music, while Matteo (rhythm guitar) and Oliver (drum player), who clearly try keeping on a low profile mask and concentrate on music, are actually indispensable.

The starting point of this punk rock band’s promotional tour became an amazing old styled punk live concert, with crazy singers and players jumping all around, people doing their pogo, and dancing, and the bass player surfing on the audience – again and again and again… until the punk version of a happy ending for a live concert came to life: it was suddenly interrupted (after 1 hour) because the bass player had his nose broken by somebody.

Dos Kolegas still a well-known summer location for live festivals in the capital city,probably not the best venue, but appropriated for the start of this tour around the country and the launching of the brand new album, that you can download for free on the link, Evolve or Die, a new live experience with a band who is going to arrive to different venues in all the most important cities of China on the next weeks. You should definatelly not miss them!!!

More about Smegma Riot on their official website, their myspace page, and on

Tour Dates

25th Sept. 2010 Beijing (2 Kolegas)

26th Sept. 2010 Tianjin (Club 13)

29th Sept. 2010 Shanghai (Yuyintang)

30th Sept. 2010 Shanghai (Logo)

4th Oct. Dali (Bad Monkey)

6h Oct. Shuhe (Mamma Mia!)

8h Oct. Kunming (Laba Jiuba)

14h Oct. Hong Kong (School of rock)

15h Oct. Zhuhai

16h Oct. Guangzhou (191 Space)

22h Oct. Shenzhen (Base Bar)

23h Oct. Macao

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  1. AgA

    Hello, i’m AgAmennone, the annoying Bass Player.) Was not my nose broken by somebody, was my mouth opened with a perfect punch (Raging Bull Style) by Eddie, one of the singer. Thank the Devil he stopped me… Cheers!

  2. sabrina

    Hello AGAMENNONE (powerful name!),
    or the “annoying guy”!
    Sorry for being so wrong about your nose-mouth thing, I do apologize. I was actually trying to take a decent picture of Matteo at the moment, so I had to ask around what had actually happened to you…
    it seems drums player’s name is wrong too, right?
    I do apologize with him, too.
    PS: I really loved that gig, great, really, keep on going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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