Good Jive The Second

There was a little music going down at Yuyintang Saturday night. Pairs, Rainbow Danger Club, The Beat Bandits, Duck Fight Goose, and the Fever Machine: pretty good lineup, right? Well, the second Good Jive show certainly lived up to the hype.

It was pleasantly packed at Yuyintang, my favorite kind of Yuyintang crowd – enough people that it feels like you are at a happening, but not so packed that you seem to be a conjoined twin with the person next to you. I don’t like it when I can count the jiao in my neighbor’s pocket. That’s just me, though.

I missed the Pairs set and almost all of the Rainbow Danger Club set because I was at a VIP sushi-making party. Too bad about the music, but how many times in your life can you say that? I was impressed with what I heard from Rainbow Danger Club, though. I will probably have something more to say about their kamikaze trumpet rock at a later date.

The Beat Bandits are a band I saw twice in the past two weeks and have become a better man for it. Their greasy, surfy, surly, goofy junk rock hits me right in the musical g-spot, bringing on crashing eargasms. That’s right, I just went there. I especially like the song that Dave, the drummer, sings. I’m guessing it’s called “Whatcha Gonna Dooooo About It.” Let’s hope we see some more of them in the future, which is a distinct possibility now, due to the demise of Jehosaphat Blow and the Blah Blah Blahs (bassist Toshi’s former other band.) Well, looky here, there’s another Beat Bandits gig coming up! Whatcha gonna dooooo about it? Go to see them, of course.

It’s amazing, but I actually saw a full Duck Fight Goose set. I am happy to report that the band does exist, now that I have seen them. It’s a really idiosyncratic project that seems to keep getting better. Da Men consistently does interesting things on the drums, which matches with the other, equally interesting elements, like affected vocals and pedal stomping. If it’s true that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, does that make DFG magicians? Let’s just settle on mugicians. Done.

The Fever Machine take a different route to arrive at the same place as DFG (known as Crowdrockingland). This route is all about muscle-popping, spine-scrunching, pile-driving, guitar-waving, drumstick-breaking power. Although the band has fewer members, let’s just agree to call them Rogue Transmission on steroids. Drummer Miguel looks like he could kick your ass while doing a cymbal grab. I really like Fabien on the bass and Dan brings a lot of energy as the frontman. They’re playing a bazillion gigs coming up so check them out.

Not a bad little night of local music, wouldn’t you say? Thanks, Good Jive.

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