JUE Festival, Boys Climbing Ropes, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, and Their Sound Engineer

Last Friday was the first day of JUE Festival by Split Works in Shanghai, at Mao Livehouse. Boys Climbing Ropes opened the night for The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.

It was a nice concert, I specially dug the work of the sound engineer of The Pains Of… the sound was the winner once he took the controls. The Pains Of… were fine, their music is a bit flat and repetitive though, but the sound was enveloping, and cheerful, so we felt like rocking and dance with them anyway.

Every band should have their own sound engineer, the world would be a much nicer place if we would follow this principle, a band should keep their sound engineer as a member of the band, that guy that knows their darkest secrets, and knows how to make them sound like they dream to sound. When this principle is respected is really easier to see that the world is perfect. I’m pretty sure The Pains Of… would have been less than half the band they were without their sound wizard. As Boys Climbing Ropes would have been twice the band it was if they would have got a sound engineer that knows the drill there at Mao and with them.

Besides the sound engineer, the other thing to report about the night was the taste in guitars of the rhythm guitarist, a guitar with no head, one of those disturbing things that happened during the eighties, that still causes a bit of a headache when you see it. Nothing serious of course, just music geekiness.

With decapitated guitar included, the night turned out was pretty good. Music was fine, we had a nice time, you will see it, people had a nice time. And the after party at The Shelter with a surprisingly cool reggae night was the perfect end. That you won’t see, we were not working anymore then.

That said, JUE Festival started pretty well, a good crowd showed up, and the party around music was very nice, so if I’d be a fortune teller (cackleh-cackleh)  I’d say JUE is going to be rocking all along March. They have a huge program of artsy events in Shanghai and Beijing to feed our souls, and we can’t forget, Split Works is bringing  Death Cub For A Cutie, and this concert most probably will blow our minds …and auras too.

Find all the information about JUE Festival on its official site, and Split Works site too.

Here then, the first photo review of our new awesome viking photographer.

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