Live and Undead Recap

YACHT Live and Undead by S.T.D.

Friday’s YACHT show at YuYinTang was a straight-up banger, as predicted right here on The Violent Phlegms did not disappoint, living up to the high expectations that many in the crowd had for them. Fabi, sporting a dirty-blonde, 80s hair metal wig and American flag bandana, fought through some sound problems on the acoustic bass to really anchor the songs sonically. Adam was spot-on in his vocals and managed to alloy the tracks with strains of his signature snappy guitar solos. Dave on the drums also turned in a more then serviceable performance. Props to the band  for their bit of performance art on the final cut, “Country Death March”.

The Youth and the Destroyer came on next for a pretty short set. I had moved outside to answer nature’s call and found myself hard-pressed to press myself back inside (it was one of those BIG YuYinTang shows) so I missed it.

I finally wedged myself back into the middle of the floor for a good view of Resist Resist’s set, who I had not seen before, so I was excited. This is an electro-type band with keyboards, live and pre-recorded drums, general digital kookiness from Morgan, and lead vocals from Lucy. I was happy with Resist Resist from a sound standpoint (I love that poppy, synthy tomfoolery), but I would have liked to see a bit more energy from Lucy. She looked great, but she was doing a kind of stoic, Kraftwerk-type thing, when I was really looking for more Debbie Harry.

YACHT ascended the stage promptly after that set and they turned in a monumental performance, the likes of which I was not entirely expecting. I don’t know exactly why. I think I was expecting more knob-twiddling than disco-dancing. Thankfully, we got the latter. I have not seen many shows at YuYinTang in which the floor was completely packed and people were dancing, jumping, and moshing clear to the back. YACHT really brought it out in us. I had absconded to the alcove area behind the sound board for the beginning of the set, but three songs in I was worming my way into the black heart of the maelstrom with an intrepid co-worker. Here I promptly lost my flip-flop in the tumult (got it back, in case you’re wondering). Everyone was bouncing and gyrating, hands in the air, the mass of bodies becoming one amorphous organism spurred on by the bass and the duo’s dynamism. The tunes were pure dance-abilly and YACHT did not disappoint in my original posit that they are very supercalifragilistic, extra-stylistic. Jona was clad head-to-toe in white, Claire in an all-black cape/dress. They turned the stage into a full-on Monster Mash and everyone was loving it. They were even coaxed into an encore, which you don’t see very often at YuYinTang.

All in all, it was a great set from YACHT, the supporting bands did their jobs, and I was happy to be in support of this show in my own little way. I hope you all enjoyed it, too.

Look for the definitive YACHT interview in a future post.

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  1. Jake

    Yeah this night was crazy. The last bits are kind of a blur thanks to too much baijiu, but I remember enjoying it immensely. It’s weird how a guy and girl dancing and singing along to tracks on a Macbook can be so damn entertaining, but it was incredible


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