Music goes MOON in Shanghai

I should have been at the China Now concert today by Huahai rd. and Pu’An rd, I wasn’t. The rain was a good excuse to rest, a pause to continue tonight. The last days had been full of music and there’s more to come.

Last Thursday we saw the coming back of Theo Crocker to Alec Haavik Friction Five at JZ. They are just good, even when they play a song for the first time, with no previous rehearsal; they can make chaos sound good and full of colors and details keeping your attention constantly not letting you leave the place. They will be playing together again on Thursday, October 2nd at JZ of course.

Friday was a bliss at Yuyin Tang. The bands: Hard Queen, Echo Rush and TOOKOO sweat the stress out of everyone there. Hard Queen was good enough to open our curious ears to want to hear them the day after at CONTROL. And TOOKOO was crazy fun, the band has a sharp sound and they are doing the work very well. I was talking with them, I was saying they are not EMO, but … I was not over yet with my sentence, when we all say… no, Rock! Yes, they are pure Rock & Roll. Simple, energetic, much fun and full of food for the dancers.

Saturday by CONTROL was a big gust of fresh wind of Rock, not literally, because it was so hot that those guys by the stage jumping and yelling, were not only having fun but also a very clear message about how much people wants to rock. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to check Hard Queen, after Yuyin Tang I really wanted to hear them again.

The Rogue Transmission was fun and a good injection of energy, they had a lot fun playing and they knew how to spend their energy there to keep it on and well lighted for the next band even. Boys Climbing Ropes were my personal downer, the tracks I’ve heard of them sounded very good, it’s the first time I ever see them playing live and there are many things that can explain the bad sound and the mess; the bass player was good, the guitar was fine, although the dual singing didn’t really work very well and the drums were just too in front of all. Anyway, I want to see them again and understand better their music. And last P.K. 14, I really like these guys, they are good rockers, the ‘two sticks’, Jonathan Leijonhufvud really rocks, he just doesn’t rest at all and he has a strong control, strong enough to sustain and keep the band relax on him. Yang Haisong doesn’t have a melodic voice, but he creates great ups and downs with the intention behind the lyrics and he can totally get you in his own mood, then if you hear, even if you don’t understand Chinese, you will go with him to his place. Shi Xudong, ‘four strings’ are the spirit of the post punk souls dancing with them around the stage. And Xu Bu’s ‘six strings’ are the warriors of rock, battling side by side with Yang Haisong in the experience of live rock shared with the audience. And the audience, wow the energy there, the people on this Republic wants to Rock. It was a lot for one night.

Today the China Now concert is still heavy in my mind, but I was just plain tired to move away from home and I’m going to JZ tonight, Coco is the perfect Sunday night for this weekend (not totally over yet). Also I found out Fluffy, my ‘moonatic’ cat was pregnant; she gave birth to a tiny very “rock” black kittie. I’ll need to find soon a home for him/her. The break today has been good, to continue tomorrow. Tomorrow if the rain allowed it The Dovetail Joints and more.

People… go out! There’s music all around, the full moon is lighting us with her strongest rays this weekend and we are celebrating her. Waters of creations are shaking excited for hearts, wines and arts, to turn them on for us to have every time more things to experience. 中秋节! (Zhōng qiū jié) Happy Moon Festival!

btw: Photos of the gigs coming tomorrow.

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