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Last weekend was so full with music even layabozi’s website got affected, it took until yesterday to have it all working fine again. We finally figured out the problem and we came back not only safe but with more; we open a new section: Playlists, every two weeks we will publish a new set of tracks selected by people related to music from Shanghai and the rest of the big balloon. The great opening is with Coco’s selection for his own personal soundtrack or playlist, if you are less romantic than us about music.

The second big news is layabozi is growing in many dimensions; our force is becoming stronger, more are joining us on this side, we have two more collaborators already publishing their work around our very pink pages. Sabrina, from Italy, began to work with us since Tookoo played at Yuyin Tang, she became then  our very official photographer, she’s adding not only graphic style to our look but very secret ancient knowledge about the hidden imperial rock bands. Jon, from U.S.A., has already published his first review on the first album of The Kandynsky Effect, the well leaded band by Warren Walker. Jon used to be a vegetarian jazzy Sax player, we thank Buddha and the spirits of the spices that he change his mind for us to say he is now a very happy meat eater, ready to eat some duck necks. Anyway, to read more about them and the new additions you can read US section and we promise to update it this week.

There are still some things half way done, like our classifieds, we know we are having visits to our music classifieds, but we need a little bit more of time, just some few days, to make them look as we want: very meat-pink, of course. So, besides all this rolling happening at layabozi’s home the big news of the last weekend was the Shanghai Jazz Festival. I could tell you 72 hours of stories about it, but don’t worry, I’ll make it short.

The summary we made is that even we still would like to have this festival move to other time of the year, because we don’t really understand why all the music has to happen in one month. Even this same weekend of the Jazz Festival it was other music celebration organized around Hengshang rd. (I really felt bad still I’m not able to be in more than one place at a time.) Not only this, one major thing that the JZ guys still don’t include in their menu of bands is one made of musicians to call for the Sun and move away the rain. Every year the Jazz Festival has gotten wet: it rained this weekend, getting wet musicians, organizers and audience and even worst instruments and equipment. So for a second we fear of luck, but good we are not superstitious, nothing more than a lot of water happened and some delays that caused some local bands missed their chance to play. I can continue going on into the dark side but at the end the result is that JZ deserves more than some pats on the back, even a big hug. Three years ago the festival audience didn’t manage to cover all the grass on the field of Fuxing park. This year the audience reaching near 4 or 5000 people covered completely the grass and even the mud. JZ totally sold out and we are applauding their work.

The bands, who were not a majority of jazz bands, came from all around the world to play and music from different corners of the world and the Jing An Park was sounding for more than two days. My big regret is I missed Laura Fuggi, gossip said she was very enchanting to listen and see. My personal favorites were these four bands; the openers of Saturday Bai Tian Sextet a jazz band from Shanghai, including the great sax player Alec Haavik,  our very cool bass player Mike Brownell and Charlie Foldesh on drums, Toby Mak on trumpet and the big boss of the band Mark Bai who was also the composer of all the tunes this band played, they were one of the few bands swinging jazz on the big stage and even they were with all the stress of the rain happening around them they totally beat it and got the people listening carefully under the umbrellas.

The Rhythm Junks came directly from Belgium with a lot of energy and the most fun sound of all. Their harmonies were just great, the singer also played the harmonica and the omnicord, their sound was crazy fun and good. I was there all day and for those who were there waiting just to listen Joanna Wang this may be a bit insulting, but I’m summarizing. So Incognito was not Incognito of five years ago, but they were funky and groovy and I finished dancing in the mud with my friends and it was so good I had a day of almost 14 hours of music. I was so tired I didn’t make it to JZ for the after party, so that’s other regret, but I was totally out of batteries. The legend will remember that night as an one of the most “Epic Jam Sessions” played in our town. Incognito with all his band was there, the Rhythm Junks, and all the precious local musicians. Epic!

Saturday as much as I had in my mind Laura Fuggi as a must check, my personal favorites, the ones I was waiting since the day before even, were The Possicobilities. They are to write a whole article about them and this moment in their career. So I will do that, but for now I will say this gig will be remember if they flow with the wave of energy they are taking. They were just magical. Layabozi took a camera to get some videos, but the videos didn’t turn out as good as real life was last Sunday, actually they are pretty bad as videos, but anyway you can get the idea enough well to go to check them once they are back to their Sunday gigs at Jz. Enough excuses, here is one video.

After that I would had gone back home, only if the next band playing on the big stage wouldn’t have been from Brazil; Alexandre Cunha’s band was a refreshing breeze of samba and jazz rhythms with a cool atmosphere of fusion. People enjoyed it a lot, so did we. That’s why we even decided to interview them. But that will come after. The big summary then is even the rain and the intermittent disorganization, even all the things still need to be improve, we are very proud of JZ and their Shanghai Jazz Festival, only they know how much sweat and nerves has taken them to reach this point, we expect they will continue getting better feedback and better organization too; still it’s not time to rest long yet, but sure there are many cheers in the air for them to keep their motivation for music and continue their work.

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