Not Fur Nothing

Sorry about that headline, but I just couldn’t resist.

The show went off without a hitch on Thursday night. There was a good crowd there, people were perusing literature and fully aware of the cause for which they came. Check out Kungfuology for more coverage and pictures, including this amazing one.

On a musical note, I was sad to be the dude who shows up late and missed most of the Forget and Forgive set, but what I did catch was really cool. They have nice riffs and energy, plus a band member whose sole job (as far as I could tell) was to scream! And he’s good at it. So there’s that. Candy Shop played a Candy Shop show. It’s not my favorite stuff, but it’s catchy. The kids seem to like it. Damn, I’m old.

Great job to the whole team.

Afterward, some f us headed over to The Shelter for some Teenage Kicks. It was a pretty sparse crowd, but the beats and drinks were flowing freely. I even got to break out The Running Man. Props to DJs Wongton, Oh Snaps, Sacco, and Morgan (what’s your DJ name, Morgan?). Morgan chased me from the club with a little White Zombie. Good times.

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  1. morgan

    DJ Photon Fucking Torpedoes

  2. Archie

    It still doesn’t work for me pal…

  3. zack

    Well, now I know. I was thinking about something cuddlier. Maybe DJ Weird AL Teddybear or something like that.


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