S.T.D. saved the weekend with Mono

Last weekend was shaken with much frustration due to the cancelation of the  Strawberry festival in Suzhou, and the failed organization of the festival in Nanjing. Luckily, we were enlightened enough to spend Saturday night with the clever guys of S.T.D. who saved the weekend with the much-anticipated return of Mono to Shanghai.

Mono’s music and performance was simply great, music reigned with epic sounds on people’s imagination for over two hours. Mono’s music did not charm everybody, but this music doesn’t seem to be aiming to be popular, and those of us who fell into it, and for them, we had a delightful time. Reading back to last year’s review by Zack, it makes sense, thus the character of this band. That. And these images tell better the story. (Tip: check out the wrinkled guitars, is that love for strings or what?)

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