The Electric in Beijing

How do you make a stellar show even better? You make each artist better than the last. Sure sounds like an easy thing to do, but when you have a line up of very talented artists sometimes the individuality of each artist can be lost. This was not the case at the DJ Vadim show in Beijing. DJ Wordy, The Shaaw Brothers, The Electric featuring Dj Vadim, and then DJ Vadim each incrementally delivered better and better performances that were all similar but individually special.

DJ Wordy opened the show setting the tone for the evening. Smooth break beats, classic throwbacks, and a style that shows why he is the 3-time DMC champion. Add to that mix a troupe of hip hop dancers decked out in old school Adidias gear and that makes for a pretty awesome way to open a show. At the end of his set I thought to myself that The Shaaw Brothers would have a hard time following that. And initially it seemed so. There were a few technical difficulties but once that was all sorted out the brothers let loose a fierce tirade of rhymes. Their lyrical prose ranged from smoking weed to being a nerd to just being an outcast skater. Their combined forces made for an amazing presence that makes me wonder why they aren’t bigger, but I am sure that is just a matter of time and that in the near future we will be hearing much from the dynamic duo.

The Electric started out showcasing the amazing vocal talent and range of singer Graziella. From the first note she had the crowds attentions. Her sultry voice paired with the talents of Pugs Atomz and DJ Vadim it made for an amazingly warming trio that you just couldn’t stop bouncing to. At one point Graziella showed off not just her vocal range, but her emotional vulnerability as well, singing a song about a past relationship. I don’t think there was a single person in the venue that wasn’t on her side by the end of the song. The combination of each of the three artists’ different musical styles and influences combine for unique way to present a musical format that is usually just mixed by a DJ in a club somewhere. It’s usually not what you would think as a performance piece. But combined they make it seem almost like fine performance art.

DJ Vadim closed out the night in true master artist style. Building on the sounds and layers of music and adding his personal style all along the way. It just kept building up the night until finally exploding as all the people in the venue begged for him to keep playing. I’m sure that he was quite exhausted having played straight through The Electric set and then all through his own. Nonetheless, as a crowd pleaser he played an encore that had the crowd going. It’s hard for me to describe the end of the night in proper detail though because I myself was wrapped up in the glow of the lights, the haze of the fog machine, and entranced in the charms of the music. All I can say is it was an epic evening.

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  1. Heatwolves

    was there and yes, it was epic. great show.


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