The Shelter's Krushing Night


Last night The Shelter was as packed as People Square station on Chinese New Year’s Eve. There was a long queue to get in. Of course nobody liked that, but I thought it was great news for music. The Shelter recovering their investment and getting more and more popular is great news for everybody involved in music.

The music was cool when we finally made it inside. I went with a big bunch of Spanish ravers, celebrating a birthday, all hungry for fun, so I was in the mood for the party. To get inside, to get rid of the kilos of coats and scarfs, to finally make it to the bar, all took some time, but the group finally began to have fun. I ran to the front as soon as we got in so while everybody was accomodating, I  finally checked the “legend”. So there he was, behind so many machines I couldn’t really see him very well, even when I made it to the very front of the booth. Anyway, I got to glance enough to check him scratching, turning, knobbing, and doing all those things DJs do. I couldn’t stay in front longer. I already got to see him, and I had to choose, either watch him scratching and stand up rocking to the right and the left on my spot, or go to the back and dance with the crazy Ibiza veterans. I chose the back. Naturally.

DJ Krush had the power/confidence/experience/name enough to do a first set with his tracks, scratching and playing with the machines in a concert-like way. He did many stops and silences, each of them to take a turn to another direction, all well elected, and nicely done. He was leaving a trail with this movements, only possible to create by having expertise and fame, or else the crowd could turn into a little monster and eat you. After picking a new sound, he did other silences and danced to the music, letting the masses have fun and releasing the concentration, like a smooth turn to the right. Everybody was having fun. The crowd was BIG, and it seemed to be a major event, and even though it was very nice music, it wasn’t Dam Funk. It was great and I don’t regret a bit of it, but if you were not there it’s okay.

The low thing, was that after he played, the music went down in quality immediately, and I could not hold it much longer inside The Shelter. When Krush played dance music, he played some Michael Jackson; okay, all producers love him, I like him. Once is fine. Then, later, the DJs after had to go to MJ again. “Um, right,” that’s a bit low. And then a third time again. Not only that, but they couldn’t keep the music together enough to really have fun. They took the anxious road, and began to do a tour from hip hop, to disco, back and forward, that only distracted me from dancing, and made me think once more on that situation when DJs forget that this is actually a party now, and we want to dance, we don’t want a lecture. So that was my opinion. Ibiza ravers could stay there still, but as much as my mood is for party, if the music is boring me, I just can’t avoid being affected and I wanted to have more fun, so I just left. But this was just about the DJs taking control after Krush. DJ Krush was fun and interesting. The Shelter had a great night for them, too, which is more good news. So, in summary, the night was great there.

My party went on until 6 A.M. almost, I was in the mood for fun and celebration. Good things were happening all night, so I had to go on. From The Shelter I went to grab the JZ cats and ducks, and continued my party around Shanghai with them and other beasts.

I ended up coming across “los moraos” – the Spaniards – again. They just were out of The Shelter, in the way to other club, as if it was 11 pm. What health! And I believe these guys are still partying now.

It was a good night.

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