Yuksek released new LP in Shanghai

Even Yuksek debut tour hit Shanghai this year, he and his brand came for the first time in China on June 1st, Mao Livehouse hosted the show produced by S.T.D, the audience were aficionados or curious people that wanted to party on a Wednesday night. Honestly, we can’t say that ‘This was “that” live show of the year’, but it was certainly interesting AND fun.

The one and a half hour concert felt as divided in two pieces, the first part definitely more indie and melodic, the second more energetic and better to dance. For those who did not know really what to expect, the music was a surprise and an occasion to actually LISTEN to the sound of those expensive toys, and for the followers, especially those frenchies in the front line, the concert was the only way to get to know Yuksek’s new album Living On The Edge Of Time before the worldwide release, also to sing, dance, and sweat to the previous powerful tracks.

The band set up was pretty simple: drummer on the right hand side, bass, and second keyboard on his left hand side, Yuksek in the middle; it was a sober setup also for lights and effect, no smoking machine (artists’ cigarettes excluded) and no LCD screen on the back. No distractions, but just music to listen!

Overall?? A little pricey but definitely a very special gig considering R3 support both before and after the show. It’s always good to listen to his music, nice set!

Yuksek on myspace.

Yuksek’s official website.

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