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This new section on Layabozi is giving space to creators of the music scene to tell us about the work they are doing, the life behind the production of the magic, the backstage parties and disasters, and the pain and gain of working with rock stars. 

We are proud to begin this section with the Maybe Mars Log, the coolest indie label in China, written by Maybe Mars’ lady of the promos Lolly Fanyan.

Hey guys, this is the first issue of Maybe Mars monthly feature! Fresh and hot! Check it out.

When we look back at the end of the August, except for hot crazy weather, and the belly full of cool beer, you’ll also discover there are also awesome shows filling our nights!

Among the recently past shows,  the first and most extraordinary one I want to mention is the “TAO Dance Theater,” with music by Maybe Mars’ well known artist Xiao He. The shows were premiered in China in the National Center for Performing Arts on August 3rd and 4th. Xiao He’s music shifts in a very different direction from his most recent work, in a creative style subversion.

Watch this video to see what I’m taling about.

Another show was Maybe Mars Bands at the Music Festival in Jiayuguan, Gansu. Three Maybe Mars bands joined the first edition of the Silk Road Great Wall International Music & Culture Festival in Jiayuguan (where the Great Wall ends in the West): Skip Skip Ben Ben (who played on the festival’s first day, August 2nd); Low Wormwood (August 3rd) and Chui Wan (on the last day of the festival, August 4th). The audience loved our Beijing bands but when our Lanzhou stars played their fans went completely crazy!

Also AV Okubo joined Adidas “Unite All Originals” Campaign. Wuhan “Break Wave” band AV Okubo were invited to collaborate with new media pioneer aaajiao (Xu Wenkai) on Adidas “Unite All Originals” Campaign.


Now about our coming shows.

I think this autumn will be the craziest tour season for Maybe Mars. We will send five bands out, this time has been really intense, we are working hard these weeks, it’s been tough. The “crazy mode” has been turned on!!!

These are the tours we are producing now:

“A Dangerous Journey”, P.K.14 new album 1984 release tour. From August 28th to October 6th. Check the whole tour calendar on Layabozi’s Gig Calendar, or on Facebook.

If you are a Chinese indie music fan, you will know how rarely P.K.14 play. If you are not, then I just told you. So, I hope you catch the chance! Also can have a listen to their new album 1984 on Maybe Mars’ Bandcamp to determine your plan.

Demerit European Tour. From August 31st – September 29th. Check the whole tour calendar on Layabozi or on Facebook.

Love is a Chorus, Mr. Graceless‘ 5th Year Anniversary China Tour. From September 6th to October 19th Check the whole tour calendar on Facebook or Layabozi.

Low Wormwood New Album Release tour. From October 11th to November 29th. Check the whole tour calendar you know, here, or there.

Carsick Cars New Album Release Tour. From November 29th to December 14th.  Tour calendar. Don’t ask me what’s the name of the new album. The band now want to ask you about the idea. So, if you have any amazing idea, let us know!

Now the news!

P.K.14 has issued their fifth album, 1984. The release date was postponed to August 31st . That’s the day of their show in Shanghai.

After recording in New York, Carsick Cars’ new album mixing was finished in Beijing ,and it is expected to be released by the end of October. The band is giving to their fans a preview of their new work with the single “Black Water” (working title) on their Douban page.

The Thirteenth Chinese Music Media Awards nominations have been announced and we’re excited to see there are three Maybe Mars’ bands among the nominees! Best New Band: Mr. Graceless, Chui Wan. Best Rock Artist: Chui Wan Best Instrumental Album: Chui Wan’s “White Night” Best Electronic Artist: White + …Check out the complete list of nominations (in Chinese).

Also New Video! AV Okubo’s “Love Song” by DaBaoGe.
[Youtube video]

Mr. Graceless’ merch will be out in early Autumn. So if you want to wear your favorite band near your heart, Mr. Graceless’ t-shirts and tote bags are in the final stage of production. They will be ready for sale during the band’s China tour on September. Run for yours, there are a limited quantity.

Also there’s the opening of the punk live club DMC. In June, Demerit frontman & bassist Spike, opened the punk club DMC in Tongzhou. On August 3rd the club had its opening show, and a bunch of friends attended. If you couldn’t make it, check out this video:
[Youku video]

DMC punk club address: Tongzhou District, opposite to the North side of the Beijing Contemporary Music School, outside the East gate of the Jiukeshu community.

Now, a little gossip. Bye-bye, Nieves! Hello, Qiushuang! At the end of August, our Spanish colleague Nieves will be leaving China to move to Berlin. Nieves has been living in Beijing for nine years, the last two working at Maybe Mars. She’s been a close friend of our label since its inception, as well of D-22 and XP. We wish her the best for this new stage of her life!

Some go and some come. Mr. Graceless guitarist Zhang Qiushuang has joined the Maybe Mars family, helping with Business Relations and Development.

See?! We’ve been working A LOT! And there’s even more to come. Until my next Log, rock on.

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