5 Songs I blatantly stole ideas from

As you should know by now, Xiao Zhong is the drummer and vocalist of the lo-fi duo Pairs. Check out our Pairs interview here, an interview with Beijing Noise here, and a SmartShanghai mp3 Monday featuring Pairs here. We asked him to make a playlist in preparation for a couple big shows this weekend (Friday opening up for the Handsome Furs at YYT and Saturday at Not Me) and he complied in typical idiosyncratic fashion. So, here we go with…

“5 Songs I Blatantly Stole Ideas from by Xiao Zhong”

Glassjaw “Siberian Kiss”

My friends and I wrote a song up on the sunny hills of Golden Square, recorded it, then stole the gapper/snipper end vocal idea from “Siberian Kiss”. We put it up on the ‘net and people liked the song, but said I should play with a metronome. They weren’t wrong.

Glassjaw’s Siberian Kiss

Liars – “Broken Witch”

Stole the vocal idea and the drum beat. Some people said we were ripping off Animal Collective, so we drowned. I played this song in a radio station once and the presenter picked up my beat-burglar style straight away and had no problem making me admit it on air.

Liars “Broken Witch”

Sigur Ros –  “Untitled # 4”

My friend downloaded a clip of this song live on Craig Kilborn. We sat around the electronic brain for ages and waited for inspiration. When nothing came, we just decided to steal the drum beat.

Sigur Ros “Untitled #4”

Youth Group – “Skeleton Jar”

Pretty much stole the chords, sped them up, put a trumpet over it, and sung about a guy in my course called Duncan. Top 40 smash.

Youth Group “Skeleton Jar”

Royal Headache – “Girls”

Heavily borrowed the vocal idea for this song. But it’s good. Who could resist? Although, I did such a bad job of stealing, that if I played you the song I wrote back to back with ‘Girls’ you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Royal Headache “Girls”

Honourable mentions: My Disco – “Calling Cure”, Hella – “Top Twenty Notes”, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – “The Mercy Seat”, Clann Zu – “One Bedroom Apartment”, Augie March – “Hole In Your Roof”, Far – “Wear It So Well”, Kes – “Paper and Pen”.

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