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Abe Deyo is one of the coolest (maybe even the coolest) concert/tour producers in China. Like a willow’s shadow he helps to keep the air fresh in the music scene of China, with his kind and nice attitude, and with his constant dedication to promote indie rock bands in China with his promotions’ label Legal Gray.

The first concert he produced was with the band from Beijing, Defy back on the winter of 2006, and the first tour he organized featured the bands YACHT and Busdriver, that was in 2007. Right now he is starting a new tour to add to his flight logbook, this time the bands are Kite, and tomorrow Disasteradio will join them in Beijing.

This playlist was in our cellar since some time ago, actually it was supposed to be published long ago, but the swing of time, and the forces of the gods and the alignment of the planets, and all that tango kept it in the darkness until today. The mysterious order of the Universe it is sure smarter than me, today is good day for this playlist to be played while Abe and Kite get ready for the concert in Nanjing. So, let’s do it. Dear passengers, here it’s Abe’s playlist

“So you want to know what is on my playlist for 2011 [yeah, it was long ago]. Well, it is an eclectic mess of songs. Some are good, some are great, and some are an unabashed attempt at promoting bands I work with… though, I don’t work with bands that I think suck.

1 – Little Marbles “Make it Rain”

Yes, this is a band I am touring with in December 2011, but I do like their music. While their first two albums were mostly sung in Swedish (gibberish to me) I liked the gypsy folk element and I look forward to hearing their new English material. Especially if it is as good as their debut track “Make it Rain”.

[Youtube video]


2 – Boys Climbing Ropes “Knitting Song”

How can anyone who knows Little Punk ,  or the rest of the band, not love this song.


3 – Das Racist “Michael Jackson’

Haha… Heems really is crazy! I can’t help loving this song, every time I listen to it it reminds me of their 2010 tour… losing train tickets, carrying around a fat brown rock and then hitting the stage like a rock band, not rappers.


4 – Black Lips “Modern Art”

I have long been a fan of the Black Lips. While their latest album is more mainstream than their early stuff it still maintains its dirty garage roots. Also, who knows, maybe we will be lucky enough to be graced by their presence in 2011. Shhh….I didn’t tell you that.


5 – The Cave Singers “Falls”

I keep forgetting that this came out this year. What an awesome track that never gets old. The Cave Singers bring a dark edge to the otherwise sunny Seattle Americana scene that has exploded in recent years.


6 – King Creosote and John Hopkins ‘Bats in the Attic’

Hell, every song on this short LP is good. Somebody needs to bring these two to China.

[Youtube video]


7 – Noughts and Execs “The Crime”

I knew of this Hong Kong band for a while, but for some reason I didn’t listen to any of their stuff until after seeing them open for Two Gallants. Man…..that was stupid. They are really good and while this song, technically, was released in 2010 it makes it on my playlist since I am a bit slow and just recently ‘discovered’ it.


8 – Bass Drum of Death “Get Found”

Two-piece bands seem to be all the rage this year, and Bass Drum of Death are one of my favorites…them and


9 – PS I Love You ‘Leftovers’

I have been talking to this band since late 2009 about touring China. They are fucking awesome and their live shows are supposedly insane.


10 – Jeffrey Lewis “Cult Boyfriend”
One of the best lyricists around, I was impressed by his live show during their long tour of China this year. His new album, like his others is a anti-folk classic.


Bonus Track [dandy amend] — Disasteradio “Drop The Bomb”


Find the dates of Abe’s current tour on our previous article about Kite.

Follow Abe’s adventures with Legal Grey on its Weibo and on Abe’s Tumblr.


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