Coco Zhao's sundtrack "Wonder Town"

Coco comes from an art family; his parents were Chinese-opera artists. He naturally creates a familiar environment around jazz, he’s constantly acclaimed and highlighted by the Jazz world as the big star of jazz in Shanghai, he is the precious jazz voice of our big city.

Coco has been singing on Shanghai’s stages since the early 90s, and for the last 10 years he has toured around the world taking Shanghai Jazz to festivals and Jazz clubs wherever he goes.

When hi is not touring, he plays every Sunday at JZ Club with his band The Possicobilities, making a great stop for the end of the week to relax and also to meet him, for Coco is not only one of our greatest singers but he is one of those souls you just simply will love.

This is Coco’s personal Playlist and his story about it:

1. “Orange Moon” by Erykah Badu.

Listen to Erykah Badu “Orange Moon”

Erykah Badu is just great, her style is great and this song is a good chill out song, with a very nice groove.

2. “Spain” by Chick Corea and Bobby Macferry.

Listen to Chick Corea and Bobby Macferry “Spain”

These are two monsters of music getting together, really two big great monsters of music, and producing so much sparkling around. The great thing of this track is these two monsters took the song and went so far with their creations, it is just wonderful.

3.”茎” by Shiina Ringo.

Listen to Shiina Ringo “茎”

It’s a beautiful song. Shine Ringo wrote the lyrics, the music, the arrangement, everything! She has a very catchy voice, almost crying when she sings.

4.”Fome Total” by Zuco 103.

Listen to Zuco 103 “Fome Total”

I don’t even know what his song is about actually, but it brings me immediately to Wonderland.

5. “Immature” by Coco Zhao.

Listen to Coco Zhao “Immature”

I wrote the song and the arrangement is done by a German band “La Spin Ovale”. This song brings me back to my own youth, not so long ago!

6. “Cocoon” by Bjork.

Listen to Bjork “Cocoon”

A beautiful song with Bjork’s arrangements and this is her own theme. Lots of sounds, beats, bizarre melodies, but all together sounds just great.

7. “Drawning of love” by Jazzanova.

Listen to Jazzanova “Drawning of Love”

They mix this song with a poem and I think it’s a beautiful poem about women and the power of females. It goes something like … “my breasts are filled with Neptune’s nectar, one zip and you’ll be mine”…

8. “I’m yours you are mine” by Betty Carter.

Listen to Betty Carter “I’m yours you are mine”

Her singing is always strange but beautiful. The way she phrases her music is just beautiful! In this song, there are no much words at all, but you can hear her feelings and creations from each sound she makes. I love it.

9. “A small house can carry as much happiness as a large one” by Theo Bleckmann.

Listen to Theo Bleckmann “A Small House Can Carry as Much Happiness as  Large One”

This is German musician, nowadays my favorite. He made all the writings and compositions for the song. The beat, the harmony are created by himself, and he looped all himself, to made the song… it’s all amazing.

10.”Time Difference” by Hiromi’s Sonicbloom.

Listen to Hiromi Sonicbloom “Time Difference”

She is wild piano player, and she is one of my favorite piano players also. Her way of expressing her music just really makes me shiver.

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