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Sam Maurey, Dj Mau Mau, hasn’t been around the Shanghai turn tables that long, but he has produced so much sound in the night dance world that it seems he’s been here a long, long time. He was one of the bold Baijiu Robots, and is now still on every Tuesday night at Logo. He shares the booth with some of the best DJs in Shanghai, and has the best party times. This is every TUESDAY at Logo, remember!

Mau Mau has more energy than the whole crowd. His talent activates your dancing mood as soon as your legs hear the first beat, and then he just doesn’t let you leave the place, until your legs can’t just move any longer. I should say that he also does the best set of impressions of any Shanghai DJs. He is a party DJ, a party cat, so wherever there’s good music you will see him, dancing until the sun comes out. You can find him usually spinning around the bars on Xingfu Lu, either in the booth or on the dance floor. Always where the beats are jumping.

This is Mau Mau’s playlist, a set about music, parties, and dance, and about why they love each other.

1. Boris Dlugosch – Bangkok

[gplayer href=”″ ] 1. Boris Dlugosch “Bangkok” [/gplayer]

Once in a blue moon you know immediately how huge a song is, and will be — one of those peaktime tracks that beg to get played at least once a weekend. Bangkok is big electro, nothing super complex, but all the sounds are so round and shiny and fit together like baijiu and cigarettes. My vote for biggest banger of 2009. #2 awkward shouldn’t-be-a-singalong-song-but-is after HiJack.

2. Daniel Steinberg – Es La Vida (Format:B remix)

[gplayer href=”″ ] 2. Daniel Steinberg “Es La Vida” (Format:B remix) [/gplayer]

Went to Berlin for Christmas with my family. Didn’t party much, but still came back with a nasty minimal disease. This remix is from two Berlinners who keep the soul of Steinberg’s original while pumping it full of rolling bassline and great percussive techy bits. The drop halfway through is really spicy.

3. Fagget Fairys – Samo Ti (Zombie Disco Squad remix)

[gplayer href=”″ ] 3. Fagget Fairys “Samo Ti” (Zombie Disco Squad remix)[/gplayer]

Everything Zombie Disco touches turns dancefloors to happy liquids. This one infected me with an obsession for big, blaring, farty horns. Horns and bass, horns and handclaps, horns and just about anything and I’m jumping around like a rabid mongoose. The Hungarian vocals sounded kinda abraisive in the original — here they feel like a good back scratch.

4. Nadastrom – Squarez

[gplayer href=”″ ] 4. Nadastrom “Squarez” [/gplayer]

A little bit of soul, a lot of dirty techno — Nadastrom pairs really sharp breakbeats with distorted synths and awesome vocal work. The drop gives me what my friend DJ Maculate calls reverse hypothermia . . . it’s all sweet and sing-songy and then, uhhh!

5. Patric La Funk – Xylo (Bingo Players remix)

[gplayer href=”″] 5. Patric La Funk “Xylo” (Bingo Players remix)[/gplayer]

Both PLF and Bingo Players have an incredible way of taking cheesy glitz-sounds and crafting them into something deeper, harder, and better. The main synth and the bass kick in Xylo hit like a kung-fu kick to the chest, and the vocal loops in my head whenever I’m trying to sleep on Wednesday mornings.

6. Afrojack – Polkadots (Kevin Focus’ Remix)

[gplayer href=”″ ] 6. Afrojack “Polkadots” (Kevin Focus’ Remix) [/gplayer]

Big, big percussion + big whooshey sounds + serious vocal about polkadots = people dancing like ants on a burning log. At the Zoo fest in Bejing, Drop The Lime started his set with a nearly-empty dancefloor. Everyone had migrated off to the second room. In fifteen minutes he’d drawn everyone back with his Jedi mind powers, and when everyone heard “We Should…” it was all smiles and jumping up and down.

7. Blatta & Inesha – Blow Up feat. Ask (HiJack Remix)

[gplayer href=”″ ] 7. Blatta & Inesha “Blow Up”  feat. Ask (HiJack Remix) [/gplayer]

Cheers to Adept for sticking my attention to this one, by blasting it at Zoo and everywhere else. HiJack follows one blueprint: Catchy vocal cut-ups and an obscenely long breakdown that shakes you around until the kick finishes you off when it finally returns. This = my favorite HiJack track by far, and the greatest sing-along song that’s really awkward and exhausting to sing along to (to the sky – ay – ay – ay – ay – ay, etc).

8. Alex Gopher – Handguns (Dada Life Remix)

[gplayer href=”″ ] 8. Alex Gopher “Handguns” (Dada Life Remix) [/gplayer]

Lovely melody in this one. What I like best, though, is that little pause-snare, just when the song goes electro-bananas, on the “4”. A lot of tracks with huge distorted basslines (Herve, Foamo, AC Slater) wear themselves and my ears out by leaving no space to breathe — or pump your fist, or jump up and down, or drink some baijiu.

9. Elite Force – No Turning Back (Mowgli & Solo Remix)

[gplayer href=”″ ] 9. Elite Force “No Turning Back” (Mowgli & Solo Remix) [/gplayer]

More horns, with a huge bouncy kick. Mowgli’s Deadfish label (with Solo) is putting out some of the best House music anywhere. They call it “Midget House.’ I’m not sure why. I didn’t love this track until I heard it in C’s Bar — it might’ve been the new laser they just installed (have you seen?).

10. Justin Martin – Ghetto Train

[gplayer href=”″ ] 10. Justin Martin “Ghetto Train” [/gplayer]

Christian and Justin Martin release tracks on Claude VonStroke’s Dirty Bird Label. Huge ups to Slackerton and Casie Lane for bumping them. Both brothers have a magical ability to take a simple-seeming rhythm, add a few strange noisy odds and ends, and come out with something that gets stuck in your head instantly and works on all species of dancefloor. Love the part where the train-sound rhythm switches up.

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