DJ Wash Playlist "Drasteek Bass"

DJ Wash has the power of a drill; he can make the subterranean bass forces rise up from the very center of Gaia, resounding up to your own center. Maybe a volcano erupting is the best analogy to the feeling one has when DJ Wash takes control of the turntables.
This telluric DJ began his voyage through Asian and international stages eight years ago, playing sets along high-profile DJs such as Friction, Break, Shimon, Chris Su & Jade, and Big Bud, to name a few.

In 2006 the Drum and Bass scene in Hong Kong changed. DJ Wash departed from his initial crew and, with fresh ideas and a professional outlook on the local scene, he joined Electronic Mistress, partner in love and beats, to create Kongkretebass; a Hong Kong crew which has been promoting events, running a website, and recording the biggest drum & bass podcast in the region.

DJ Wash convinces the crowds with dynamic sets, tight mixing skills and a refreshing spectrum of styles, so it’s not surprising that, since his arrival in Hong Kong 3 years ago, he has been headlining many of the city’s major Drum & Bass nights, in addition to international guest performances in Thailand, Mainland China, and Germany.

An avid producer, he continues to push his studio work with productions and remix projects of his own deep, dark, tech-style sounds. With a respectable history of events promotions and deejaying, DJ Wash has undoubtedly established himself as a prolific figure at the top of Southeast Asia’s Drum & Bass scene.

Next Saturday January 24th, DJ Wash and crew will be back in Shanghai for Soundclash, a mega battle at The Shelter. To warm your engines we got a playlist of his personal favorites, about which he says: “These are tunes I’m definitely feeling right now. Some of these have been out in the record shops for a few months, but they’re too good to leave the record box. And some of the tunes are brand new and it’s either just come out or it’ll be coming out within the next months.”

1. Break – Last Chance feat. Kyo / Symmetry LP – Symmetry
Just a snippet from Break’s band new album on his own imprint “Symmetry”.
One of the best rollers out there at the moment: plenty of soul and texture, trademark Break Bass Stabs and beats. Kyo’s vocal definitely tops it all off! Amazing Album!
For more about Break here

2. Commix – Bear Music / The Future Sounds of Cambridge – Hospital Records
Commix is on fire with the deeper styles and this one no exception. Bass heavy number with catchy vocal stabs and rolling percussion. Moody as Fk!
For more about Commix here

3. Icicle – Spartan – Shogun Audio
Earlier this year when I heard this for the very first time in a club… I literally screwed up my face when I heard the bassline drop… since Shogun release it, this tune has been an absolute must in every set I play! BIG TUNE!
For more about Icicle here

4. State of Mind & Trei – Dirt – SOM Music
A deeper one from our talented friends in New Zealand – State of Mind & Trei.
Stepping beats fused with roaring bass stabs and long sub bass, all glued together with rolling percussions thrown in the mix.
This one keeps the dance floor moving – Deep, rolling, stabby, Dirt!
For more about State of Mind here

5. System – Near Miss – Digital Soundboy
I’ve been playing this one for quiet some time now, it’s one of those tunes either you understand or you don’t. And to be honest, I didn’t really understand it at first, but it’s def a grower. A different style of roller, good to throw into the mix to keep things interesting.
For more about System here

6. Furney & Tayla – Jahman – Liquid V
Amen! Furney & Tayla coming through with one of the best amen tunes of the year no doubt! Keeping it deep and old skool with a twist.
For more about Furney & Tayla here

7. SpectraSoul – Peninsula – Shogun Audio
One of my personal favorites right now, SpectraSoul doing what they know best, Rollin’ out. Atmospheric delayed vocals, bass heavy, a hint of Tech as always in the mid bass stabs and drums. An absolute MUST when drawing a deeper set.
For more about SpectraSoul here

8. Culture Shock – Kronix – Ram Records
This is a fun one for the dance floor – Quirky movie sample (?), Stepper beats, driving bass line. Big Chunky snares and lush pads keep the party moving!
For more about Culture Shock here

9. Upbeats & Noisia – Creep Out – Non Vogue
There’s always a few Noisia tunes in my bag and this one comes together with The Upbeats! Big Buildup, Big bass line, Big everything! All Creeping up to the big B-line Drop! Massive in the dance!
For more about Upbeats & Noisia here

10. Break, Fierce and Nico – Draw – Quarantine Recordings.
Save the best for last – THE Tune of the moment for me. Three of the most respected and prolific producers come together to bring back what Tech Step is all about. Almost rock style catchy Hook/Riff, massive roaring bass, riding drums.
The perfect end to any of my set. One word: BIG!
For more about Quarantine Records here

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  1. jesse

    smash it up in shanghai wash! i’ll have to get to the shelter one day…

  2. Hannah

    our favorite DJ from HK. Definitely a must for everyone addicted to bass!!!


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